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Digging the Draken Race

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Chad Moore is the lore master for Wildstar. We were lucky to chat with him last week and get into how the universe of the game works. We continue to look at the races in Wildstar and the powerful Dominion faction. Today we wanted to talk about the Draken. For players who love savage hunters even in a space setting, the Draken will fit your bill nicely. Chad explains why the race is involved in the hunt for planet Nexus and what opportunities they see on the harsh planet to grow and prove themselves.

The Draken are the lost stepchild of the Dominon. With the Cassians and the Mechari fitting into the lore with the Eldan, the Draken bring a much needed destructive force to these two more sophisticated races. The Cassians view Nexus as their birthright, the Mechari continue the work of the ancients who built them(more on that later this week), but the Draken? They view Nexus as a challenge.

Being hunters and warriors from an early age, the Draken are the perfect race to come down and take quick control of Nexus’s more harsh areas. They serve the Dominion loyally because of their brutal past. The planet they come from is one of the toughest climates in the galaxy and therefore the Draken do one thing extremely well: survive.

They view Nexus as a new challenge for their race. The giant beasts and lands of discovery offer every Draken a chance to prove themselves in battle or in the hunt. This is something they take great pride in and will prove to the other races just how strong they truly are.

Chad and I mused about how the look and feel of this race really creates the savage tone. We are both excited about their history in the game and what part they will play in the Dominion. For now players looking at this race will definitely enjoy the lore and look forward to big kills on planet Nexus. 


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