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Developer Roundtable Q&A, Part One

Carolyn Koh Posted:
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Final Fantasy XI: Developer Roundtable Q&A, Part One

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh presents this first part of a developer roundtable interview that she conducted while attending the recent Fan Festival. Today, we present Part One, general questions and questions concerning the Campaign Battle System.

This Developer Roundtable Q&A report combines a group session as well as exchanges I had with members of the media from other groups and a public Q&A session. Developers in attendance:

  • Hiromichi Tanaka – Producer
  • Kouichi Ogawa – Director
  • Akihiko Matsui – Battle Director
  • Yoji Fujito – Planner
  • Mizuki Ito – Planner
  • Mitsutoshi Gondai – Planner
  • Sage Sundi – Global Onine Producer (Community)


There are many Final Fantasy games and stories, how does Final Fantasy XI fit in the entire scheme of things?

Hiromichi Tanaka:

Final Fantasy XI is really based on FFI and draws its job system from FFIII and FFV as well. It’s the most “On it” and we think that as an MMO, it is a living game and we are able to keep it best in keeping with the Final Fantasy world and myths.


Will mini-expansion scenarios be the wave of the future?

Hiromichi Tanaka:

We have no big expansions in our plans, but patches and version updates will continue for Wings of the Goddess which just had its one year anniversary. The three scenarios are being planned and developed concurrently and will begin to launch in the spring. Masato Kato Oversaw the initial plot conception and event direction for the original FINAL FANTASY XI and the Rise of the Zilart expansion was approached to compose new storylines and the three new scenarios are a result of that.


How would the FFXI community make an effort to get a change in the game?

Hiromichi Tanaka and Sage Sundi:

We do not have an official forum as we were afraid that as a multi-language game, that one lot of fans might “take over” the forums and disenfranchise the others. Hence, this role is assigned to the premium sites and we have local community managers who watch these sites. Another way is to provide us direct feedback via email.

Campaign Battle System Questions


Why no skill-ups in the Campaign Battle System?

Mizuki Ito:

I’m sure you all remember the exploits practiced when the Campaign Battle System was first introduced. Skill-ups are too easily exploited during Campaigns so we just won’t allow it. However, we are looking at the Moblin Maze as a venue for skill ups. So keep your eyes peeled for more information.


Are there any plans to allow players to warp directly to Campaign Areas?

Final Fantasy XI:

No. The initial concept was to take you to the front lines, i.e. the outdoor areas, then you have to walk the rest of the way. We wanted there to be some effort taken by players.


Why isn’t there a way to warp to Garden Citadel then?

Final Fantasy XI:

You know… we can’t remember. We’ll have to look into that!


Is there a reason to go into the Beastmen strongholds? Afterall… they come out to me to be killed.

CFinal Fantasy:

There are events and quests in each Beastman stronghold. You need to go in with a group or alliance sometime. You might find some keys that will open up a new area.


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