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Developer Journal: Grantley Day

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Developer Journal: Grantley Day

Grantley Day, the Vice President of Product Development for Sword of the New World, pens this short developer journal that gives us an overview of the game.

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (SNW) is a MMORPG set in the vain of a traditional MMORPGs, think NWN2 in an MMO world or Dungeon Siege 2 in an MMO world. I bring up those two titles because of the key feature that sets SNW above every other MMORPG in the market and coming into the market in 2007. This key feature is the concept of Multiple Character Control (MCC). In SNW you don't control a single warrior type or caster type or even healer type, in SNW you are given the option to create a party of THREE characters to explore and conquer the SNW world. That party can be any makeup you choose, Fighter, Caster, Healer or Caster, Caster, Healer or Fighter, Fighter, Healer, etc.

The development of 'Granado Espada' started in April 2003, at the same time 'imcGAMES' was established. In February 2006, 'imcGAMES' started the open beta service in Korea, and in the same year, 'imcGAMES' serviced both the open beta and the commercial launch in Japan, and also serviced the open beta in Thailand. 'Granado Espada' was the winner of the 2006 Grand Award for Best Game in Korea. Gamers highly valued the creative game system and appreciated the beautiful graphics, the dynamic action, the fast- paced gameplay, multi character control system, and the NPC creation, etc.

Currently the back story of the title, is (as the title might indicate) has to do with the colonization of the New World. The game has a very baroque feel about it, very 17th century. Of course there is lots of swashbuckling and sword fighting in the game, hence "Sword of the New World". One thing I will say is that the concept of the back story will be another refreshing change to what Western MMO players expect.

The game world falls within the same sizes as current MMO's in the US market, and the game has full instance dungeons, bosses and quests. It also has a full trading system and auction house and SNW is VERY combat-oriented. If you're not killing at least a monster every few seconds, you're not killing enough! The game really exemplifies the Area of Effect (AOE) damage dealers and every class has an AOE ability that allows them to deal significant damage to large groups of monsters. The game is not designed to take 60 seconds to kill one monster, collect its loot and then move to the next monster, it is designed to kill 100 monsters in 60 seconds, and then spend the next 60 seconds collecting all the dropped loot.

SNW has both the ability for Player Vs Player (PvP) and Player Vs Environment (PvP) play. But there are also dueling modes for Family vs Family (FvF) combat and City vs City combat (CvC).

-Grantley Day
Vice President of Product Development: Sword of the New World


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