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DC Universe Online: Dive Into Atlantis in Our Exclusive Interview

Steven Weber Posted:
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DC Universe Online players have been swimming around in Atlantis recently thanks to the release of the latest game content update. We caught up with SJ Mueller to learn more about the new content and what players can expect.

MMORPG: When you were developing the content for “Deluge” were plans already in the works for the new Atlantis Content?

SJ Mueller: We definitely had Atlantis in mind when creating Deluge. This allowed us to get our feet wet in terms of defining what Atlantean-themed content would look like and which characters we wanted to introduce from the Aquaman family.

MMORPG: The DCUO team has been covering current comic events, such as “Deluge” have there been any discussions to somehow support the “Drowned Earth” storyline that started last week in DC Comics?

SJ Mueller:We’ve definitely been following along, but the production cycle for video games had us working on Atlantis far before Drowned Earth completes. You never know what the future holds though.

MMORPG: From what we’ve seen of the underwater scenes, they are gorgeous. Has it been easier to create better looking content with the newer hardware now with the sunsetting of PS3 support?

SJ Mueller:We have been able to push our boundaries quite a bit in terms of textures but I give credit to the amazing talent of our art team and their ambitions to keep making the game better each year.

MMORPG: Now that we will be swimming and delving into the depths of the oceans with the Atlantis content, is it possible that we will see the same technology used in the future to take DCUO into outer space?

SJ Mueller: Hah! What an idea. Who knows! It is the DC UNIVERSE after all. 

MMORPG: With the new update, will we see new cosmetics added to the game? We already have some Atlantean gear currently in the game, but can we expect other suits? New trident weapon skins for the staff?

SJ Mueller: Atlantis is a treasure trove of inspiration for us! The episode and event featured a beautiful armor set inspired by King Corum Rath and another, more tactical gear set inspired by Aqualad. Best of both worlds if you ask me. We’ve also got some other Atlantean themed items heading to the game soon.

MMORPG: Will we be seeing any additions to the update that will coincide with the Aquaman movie set to release next month?

SJ Mueller: Definitely be on the lookout for something special in December and even beyond.

MMORPG: When DCUO was first released the Aquaman character model was based on the "Classic Aquaman" where the newest content is based on "Rebirth Aquaman". For the newest content was Aquaman treated as a "new character" in regards to design?

SJ Mueller: I would say alongside the visual update to his character model and his new Trident, where Aquaman has grown the most in DCUO is his city and his people. The Atlanteans beneath the sea are all new models, and having characters like Mera, Aqualad, Murk, Black Manta finally give him the team and foes he deserves.

MMORPG: Will we be seeing new world events in Atlantis similar to the Ring War event?

SJ Mueller: There are definitely a few things going on in the city of Atlantis – currently, the biggest activity out there is a giant brine hulk sea creature that has been driven mad by all the magic Corum Rath is stirring up.

MMORPG: In terms of size, how does Atlantis compare to Gotham and Metropolis?

SJ Mueller:Atlantis is one of the largest maps we’ve created since launch, but Gotham and Metropolis will likely always reign supreme.

MMORPG: With the new update that will include the new area and 3 new, exciting raids, no doubt a lot of player will want to return to enjoy everything Atlantis has to offer. Is there something in place, such as gear tickets, or events that will help players get up to speed so they can join in on all of the fun?

SJ Mueller:The great thing about Atlantis (and all of our newest content) is that we have an event period that lasts several months and anyone level 10+ can play! That being said, we do offer character advances in the Marketplace and other packs if you want an edge.

MMORPG: Are there any other areas, events or items that you’re really excited for players to know about that we haven’t touched on yet?

SJ Mueller:If you’ve ever wanted to fight a giant sea monster that can (and will) gobble you or your teammates up, this is the episode for you!


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