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Cory Jones Dishes Alpha Details

Blake Morse Posted:
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When I first saw Hex:The Shards of Fate, it was knee deep in the trenches of a very strong Kickstarter campaign and well on its way to completing another stretch goal. But the samurai bunnies and ogres were still waiting to manifest in a playable version of the game. Quite a few months have passed since then. Now that the Kickstarter is done and the alpha is in full swing though, it was time to see the core game functions in action.

While the influence of card games like Magic: The Gathering is apparent in the core mechanics, Hex looks like it really is taking the genre to the next level with an immersive customizable experience. Being able to augment cards in your deck with the gem socketing system in order to build something unique to your playing style means that two people could have the exact same set of cards but have them work in entirely different ways. So even if you’ve gone up against a player’s speed deck before, they can still throw you some curveballs with clever augmentation.

We sat down with the game’s creator, Cory Jones to get a more detailed report on the alpha build’s progress and find out what the reception has been like from the initial Kickstarter backers who are currently putting the MMO-Card Battle game through its paces.

If you’re interested in getting in on the alpha, you can head to http://hextcg.com/ and grab a slacker-backer bundle.


Blake Morse