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Co-op Missions Provide a New Way to Play

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Survarium was recently updated with a new feature that allows players to take part in cooperative PvE missions. These come packed with objectives and challenging environmental obstacles to overcome. Players can earn some sweet rewards too by completing the maps within a specified amount of time.

We had the opportunity to play through the mission and to ask a few questions of the team to learn more about the co-op feature. Here’s what they had to say:

MMORPG: Why did you decide to add PvE content?

Vostok: PvE was always part of the initial development plan for the game. Unfortunately, it took longer than we had hoped. However, now that we've started adding PvE content we hope to continue to do so.

MMORPG: How many cooperative maps are you hoping to add over time?

Vostok: To keep things fresh and interesting we naturally want to continue on the expansion of Co-op game play as much as possible. So, at this time we cannot give a fixed number in terms of locations but just state that we want to add as many interesting places as possible. Our main objective at the moment is to gather as much feedback from players as possible regarding the first mission so as to better develop the new locations, stories and ultimately a lore satisfying experience for everyone.

MMORPG: Will you ever allow groups to "bot train" together?

Vostok: This is an interesting idea and many of our community members have made this request. So it is certainly something we will take into consideration but at the moment we have more pressing matters to attend to first.

MMORPG: What about female character models?

Vostok: We'd love to add female characters. Unfortunately, at this stage all equipment in the game was designed for the male character models. So, after designing a female character we would need to design a whole new range of equipment to fit the model. So, as you can imagine that is a lot of work.

MMORPG: Have you considered PvEvP with two teams starting at opposite sides and working to the middle (and each other)?

Vostok: PvEvP is more along the lines of our concept for the Freeplay game mode. I think we would prefer to keep the current PvE/CO-OP more story based and mysterious. But you never know, development is such a fluid-like industry that plans can change at any time.

MMORPG: What other plans are currently in the works for Survarium?

Vostok: Currently we are hard at work on a complete redesign of the weapon attachment and module system. At present the highest number of modules per weapon is four. However, with this new system it will be anywhere between 6 to 9. Depending on the specific weapon you wish to modify. So overall a far more detailed system allowing for greater customization and personalization. We expect this feature to be added in our next update, 0.51. Of course, the module system is not the only new feature coming in 0.51. So it is advisable players keep a close watch on our various social media pages for publication of the 0.51 preview.

Our Hands-On Impressions

Having played through the initial co-op map, it is clear that this is a system with potential, though one that needs much more added to it in order to attract players who prefer that particular type of game play. 

The map provides a linear path from start to finish, with a number of environmental obstacles to overcome. Along the way, you'll run into "anomalies" that are literally invisible. Without spoiling how you discover them (other than running into one and dying), these anomalies are integral to the experience and help to move players through the map. In addition, you encounter bases that are filled with AI-controlled enemies who have pretty deadly aim. Death isn't the end, however, but it does require hoofing it back to where you were killed in order to keep moving to the end of the map. We had a special item that allowed for resurrection that can be purchased in the shop. Without this, players can only be brought back by other players.

Along the way, you'll find weapons, grenades and so on that may improve the equipped gear that you begin with and that make your fight a bit more competitive. Finishing the map in the allotted timeframe will yield a crate that can contain gear upgrades and more.

The one inescapable fact about Survarium as a whole, and in this map in particular, is that it is a beautiful game environmentally. Between the forest mists and the jagged peaks and rubbish strewn around the post-apocalyptic world, the level design team has done an outstanding job.

This is a good start for Vostok in providing its community with an alternative way to play. However, it really doesn't bring anything new to players who are accustomed to FPS gaming. With more maps and more time to consider adding unique gameplay opportunities, the co-op portion of Survarium could become something really interesting.


Suzie Ford

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