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Campaign for Iceberg 3 Roundtable Interview

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures will enter new territory this summer as the game will serve to bridge the gap between Seasons 3 and 4 with the introduction of a new update dubbed “Campaign for Iceberg 3” which has gone live today. We recently sat down with SOE’s Todd Carlson and Justin Dazet, along with Star Wars: The Clone Wars director Dave Filoni to discuss the new update.

In “Campaign for Iceberg 3”, the Separatists have shown up in the Calamari system (home to the iconic Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar) and the Jedi, by request of the king of Mon Calamari, are tasked with coming to the rescue in order to quell the unrest in the system. Players are sent by Master Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe to investigate the matter, but upon arriving into the system will get caught up in a massive starfighter battle (Starfighter mini-game). Upon completing the starfighter battle, players then participate in a gunship sequence (Republic Gunship mini-game) on their way to the nearby planet, Iceberg 3. Once planet-side, players will learn of an imminent Separatist invasion of one of the planet’s cities, and players will be tasked with setting up defenses to protect the city (Republic Defender minigame) in order to facilitate an evacuation operation. As the story presses on, eventually General Grievous himself shows up, and players will even get to duel him (Lightsaber Duel mini-game).  

Clone Wars Adventures features a variety of mini-games, but the “Campaign for Iceberg 3” update will essentially tie them together with not only a new story but a story that introduces players and fans of the TV series seamlessly into the series’ upcoming fourth season. Similar to the previously released Geonosis Saga, players who complete the new content will be awarded with a trophy and a title. Players will also unlock special abilities to use in existing mini-games, such as the ability to drop down Commander Wolffe and his squad into the Republic Defender mini-game. If you’re not a player of the Clone Wars Adventures game, but you are a fan of the series, fear not, the new season will bring you up to speed, but the “Campaign for Iceberg 3” content should give fans of both the game and the series a deeper understanding of what’s going on and the characters involved.  

The content in the “Campaign for Iceberg 3” update will not be time-limited, either. Players can tackle it any time they wish, even after Season 4 goes live, and this type of collaboration is something SOE and LEC are excited to continue going forward. In particular, Clone Wars director Dave Filoni is excited about the opportunity to bridge the show and series as it allows him to explore some things that wouldn’t necessarily gain traction in terms of getting it into the show itself. In fact, while playing the game Dave took note of one of the costumes available in the game and has brought it over into the series.  In terms of challenges, Dave explained that since there are multiple outlets for Clone Wars content, whether it is the show, the game, the comics, etc., the largest challenge is simply keeping it all on his radar. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures “Campaign for Iceberg 3” is available now.  Meanwhile, season 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars can be seen on the Cartoon Network later this Fall.


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