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Calamity of War Interview with Tyler Sullivan

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Tomorrow marks the launch of Cabal 2’s latest update – Calamity of War. We had a chat with ESTsoft’s Tyler Sullivan about this latest content upgrade: the dungeons, new level cap increase, and brand new Nation War system. Read on for all the info.

MMORPG: Calamity of War is a huge update for CABAL 2, how long have you guys been working on this?

Tyler Sullivan:  This has been an ongoing project for us since the release of the Chapter 1: Ruins of the Gods update! There have been a lot of meetings and iterations leading up to this moment, and we are thrilled to finally introduce the latest chapter of the CABAL 2 saga to the world.

MMORPG: Boosting the level cap to 50 is a big leap, are the players excited for the addition?

TS:  Yes, definitely! The level 50 patch brings so much more than just a level boost, and players have only heard snippets of it from the Korean version. Now that we are introducing it to a global audience, it has been on everyone’s minds.

MMORPG: Can you give us some background on the new Great Wall zone in terms of how it fits into the world?

TS: The location was originally discovered centuries ago but was deemed too dangerous once the original settlers were nearly wiped out by the ferocious creatures discovered beyond the wall. Now, as the major factions of Ektensia find that there are untold vast amounts of resources past the wall, they have decided to brave the dangers and battle for resources to support their chosen cause. That’s where the player comes in, a powerful mercenary that can choose a faction and fight to survive in this inhospitable region.

MMORPG: What skill boosts and gear will players get to see with the update?

TS: Players will discover a variety of new skills once they reach level 47 and level 50. In addition to class skills unlocked by leveling up, each cartel faction will offer exclusive new abilities for each class -- another reason to choose your allegiances wisely!

Gear is also vital for survival, but the best equipment will be quite a challenge to acquire. We are introducing two new gear sets, the introductory Black Watchmen series and the unrivaled Rift series. The Black Watchmen equipment is a prerequisite for the Rift series, and you can get those drops from world bosses and from the brand new Heartscale Cave dungeon, located within the Great Wall.

MMORPG: How can players tackle the new Citadel dungeons coming with the update?

TS: The Citadel dungeons will be the most difficult set of challenges to complete, and the outcome of Nation War will grant more opportunities for the winning faction to test their might. The faction that emerges victorious after Nation War will have unlimited access to the Citadels, while the losing factions will have smaller windows throughout the day to access the Citadels. We highly recommend having a strong team along with the Black Watchmen equipment, as these Citadels are not to be underestimated.

MMORPG: The Nation War is another major update for players. Do you think PVP will take off with this addition?

TS: Open world PvP is something that our players have been clamoring for, and we cannot wait to finally introduce this feature. Any player who enters past the safety of the Great Wall will be flagged for PvP and can compete with other players for capture points, the last hit of powerful roaming elite monsters, or simply take each other on in a test of skill. Every cartel base is a “neutral zone” where players can take a breather from the mayhem to restock and jump back into the battle.

MMORPG: Do you have future plans for players with the new PvP update?

TS: Absolutely! Once the dust has settled and players have more of a feel for the battle, we will be introducing stronger abilities and allow players to grow even more influential within their chosen faction. This is only the beginning for the Calamity of War update!


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