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Black Squad is a military first-person-shooter game using the Unreal Engine 3 to show realistic graphics and dynamic visuals. Absolutely no room for Pay-to-Win. Welcome to the best F2P shooter on the market.

Black Squad Introduction

  • Black Squad is a classic military free-to-play FPS game on Steam, currently in Early Access.

  • The Early Access service started about a month ago after the closed beta.
  • The game supports the BattlEye anti-cheat program and uses the Unreal Engine 3 for realistic graphics.
  • Regarding the anti-cheat program, we are working very closely with BattlEye to ban hackers and hacking program for fair gameplay.

  • Also, there are more than 10 different game modes and unique weapon features such as Grenade Launcher add-on for rifles for strategic gameplay.

  • We have been pushing the patch update once a week since the start of the Early Access service.
  • The ASIA server has been added to the exiting North American, European and South American servers along with new weapons (including S15) and maps in the most recent update on September 8th.
  • More information can be found on our website and Steam store page.

Core values

  • As a publisher of Black Squad, we prioritize the communication with players and listening to their feedback.
  • For example, we have been doing a Twitch dev stream every week which began even before servicing the game on Steam, and communicating with players on our official Discord channel.

  • All the updates so far reflect player feedback that we have collected from our various communication channels.
  • Also, we have the Black Squad Partnership Program for Twitch streamers and content creators to grow the community.
  • Currently, we have 159 official partners and have recently received over 2,000 new applications.


  • Daily users: approx. 100,000
  • Highest concurrent user: 13,000

Future Plans

  • We intend to continue on actively communicating with players and updating the game based on their feedback.
  • Also, we are very positive about entering the competitive scene and planning for it with ESL. (However, please note that nothing is confirmed just yet.)


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