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Bill Roper on Blood Moon

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Give us a taste of the upcoming Blood Moon patch. What can players expect?

Bill Roper:

There is a LOT going on during the Blood Moon event. From an all new power set to special events and rewards, here's a sample.

Celestial Power Set

Use the power of the Seraphim to heal and strengthen your allies. Release the fury of the Nephilim in a battle against evil. The Celestial set is designed to simultaneously provide assistance to allies and destruction to enemies.

Zombie Apocalypse

The dead are rising in Canada! Battle against Zombies in a special PVP map, but should you die, you'll return as one of the undead horde, bound to fight in Takofanes' name and against the heroes you just stood alongside.

BITE! (Special Event)

Ravenous werewolf packs are roaming the world, but be careful! If you are bitten and infected with their dark magic, you can be transformed into one of their kind. A special mission is available for those wishing to hunt transformed heroes, as well as for those that have fallen prey to the lycan's bite.

Dawn of the Dead Heroes (Special Event)

Stand against undead heroes who once fought in the Battle of Detroit, and do your best to free their souls from Takofanes' necromancy.

Takofanes (Special Event)

You must drive this dark and ancient undead sorcerer from our land! But beware - his minions are waves of the undead and other masters of the arcane that must be defeated before you have any chance of victory against the Undying Lord.

The full list can be found at: http://champions-online.com/bloodmoon


Tell us about the changes you made to the economy. Where did you find problems?

Bill Roper:

The simplest explanation is that we simply weren't getting enough resources out to the players based on both mission rewards and upgrade sales. We not only increased resources given in these areas, but also added more for defeating enemies in general and also smoothed and eased the curve for retconning the most recent powers choices a player made in the Power House.


What content updates can we expect on Monster Island? How can players find the new missions?

Bill Roper:

There are three repeatable mission chains that have been added in the levels 31 - 34 range on Monster Island. The contacts are spread throughout the Well's Pass part of the island, and are easily located using your crime computer. The new missions are:

The Hidden Base

Heroes discover the entrance to a secret base in Well's Pass. None of their contacts know anything about the entrance so it's up to the hero to check things out. What secret project lies deep within the VIPER base?

The Lost Caves

A series of lost caves has been discovered by the intrepid Paleontologist and television personality, Professor Plummet. His early reports have come back, stating that Elderworms have also found a way into the labyrinth of caves, and are using them as hunting grounds. Contact has been lost with the professor, and help is needed in finding him.

The Manimal Lab

A group of Manimals are behaving strangely and are guarding a nearby cave complex. Further investigation reveals a hidden laboratory that also acts as the prison for a highly intelligent rat Manimal named Professor Ratso.


In October you plan to make sharing missions much easier, tell us about the upgraded system.

Bill Roper:

Several changes have been made and more are in the pipeline to enhance a player's ability to share and track missions with teammates. These are rolling out in phases, with the first portions already being on the Live servers. These are:

Primary Mission Team Waypoint

When a Primary Mission is set, teammates who don't have the mission will see the objectives in their mission tracker and will see the waypoints for that mission.

Team Mission Tracking

The mission progress of your team mates are shown next to their portraits. If a primary mission is set, this shows the primary mission. Otherwise, it shows the last mission on which progress was made

Heading to the Public Test Shard this week are:

Primary Mission Compass Indicator

Selecting a primary mission sets a compass waypoint on the mini-map.

Improved Mission Sharing

Increasing the distance that missions can be shared at by a factor of 5 times. This allows players to not have to be so close to each other before sharing a mission.

And in the very near future:

Increased Mission Counts

Approximately 100 more missions can be shared amongst heroes.

Crossover Missions

If a player isn't eligible to actually gain the mission due to not meeting requirements (level, mission prerequisites, etc.), they are given the same objectives but in a special "Crossover" mission. When their crossover version of the mission is completed, they will receive a special bonus for working with the team. Currently there is no specific mission bonus to assisting another hero on a mission, so this is a huge addition to our current system.

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