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An Interview with Voice Actress Kipleigh Brown

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Star Trek Online has been consistent with updates and content for years now. The team continues to provide plenty of expansions in the form of Seasons for players. This past week we got to chat with Kipleigh Brown who is the voice actress for Captain Kuumaarke in the game. Kipleigh gave us some unique insight into the character, her passion for Star Trek, and what it is like to do game voice acting.

Kipleigh is a full Trekkie when it comes to Star Trek. She has appeared on Enterprise and is also playing a main part on the series Star Trek Continues. Kipleigh says that her passion from Star Trek comes directly from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. A team of people and aliens exploring the galaxy as we know it. The fact that Roddenberry envisioned a world where all people are equal no matter their background or look is what inspires Kipleigh to drive her work on the IP. With Kuumaarke she gets to “nerd out” as a Captain and takes the character very seriously. Starting as an innocent to the Federation the Lukari race does not see a need to explore beyond their own planet. However through the seasons in the game Kuumaarke has discovered the real value in traveling into the unknown and has gained trust among her allies. This comes at the cost of innocence as Kuumaarke has grown more cautious and aware of the danger that awaits her crew.

Kipleigh explained that getting the scripts and working with the writing team on Star Trek Online is where the real story comes to life. As she is reading and going through lines, she keeps the player in the front over her mind. With any MMO, it is important that the player take the journey, Kuumaarke is there to help drive the story and experience for someone else. The concept is much different than acting on a TV show. We laughed and called it inter-acting. Doing voice work, this is what Kipleigh believes creates the best atmosphere for the player. She has a hard time standing still when reading her lines as there is much more of a tendency to want to act everything out.

Overall, Kipleigh continues to work on her passion for Star Trek. Star Trek Online continues to deliver more seasons and we’re sure to see Kuumaarke playing a big part in this current new launch. The messages of unity and teamwork remain close to what Star Trek is all about and having those themes prevalent in the MMO are critical for players. Star Trek Online’s Season 13 – Escalation is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One. Escalation has two new episodes as well as war games. When playing look for Kipleigh Brown’s role in the game and you can also watch her on Star Trek Continues new season coming up.

About Kipleigh Brown

Kipleigh Brown originated the character of Captain Kuumaarke, brave leader of the Lukari, who is featured both Season 12 and Season 13 of Star Trek Online. She also played Crewman 2nd Class Jane Taylor in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “The Forgotten” and has appeared in the popular web series “Star Trek Continues.” For a full biography, please visit https://www.kipleigh.com/about.


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