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Alex Jones of CRSpace talks to us about this free to play MMORPG

Someday soon, CRSpace hopes to bring Martial Heroes to North America. Today, we talk to Alex Jones, the Head of US Public Relations for CRSpace about their game.

MMORPG.com: Explain the Events that Martial Heroes has been hosting for its players in recent months. How often do the battles occur?
Alex Jones:

In Episode 2(which was introduced in Febuary), we added a new map called Red Castle and implemented a Horse System in game. The Red Castle map contained a lot of new monsters and provided a new fun experience for players.The Horse System was a wonderful addition to Martial Heroes and with it the players could move faster than using the turbo skill that all classes have. The Horse System also allowed players to attack and PVP while riding the horses.

In Episode 3(which was added in April), we introduced the 12 Battle Formations. The 12 BF is a special event that makes players of the game (Lawful and Evil alike) come together and fight for a common goal. Players start in zones seperated by level ranges and try to defeat each wave of monsters that confronts them. If your level range beats all of the waves of monsters, your level range or other level ranges will then procede to the center of 12BF. This is where all the successful level ranges would be confronted with the most powerful boss in game, The Majesty Dragon!

The most recent event [at the time this interview was conducted] that started on May 30th is the World EMH Cup. This is one of the less serious events that is made to have players have fun and corresponds to the World Cup this year. We hold events at least once a month(sometimes 2 or even maybe 3 at one time) so they can make player’s leveling time more eventful.

MMORPG.com: Give us some insight into how player reaction has been to these Events, are they growing in popularity?
Alex Jones:

Well players like these events with great degree due to the fact that most of the events that are planned are specially tailored with the them in mind. Then again with that said, players really never know what to expect from us event wise. We try to never run the same events over and over again because that would defeat our purpose in trying to deliver a diverse experience for MH players.

MMORPG.com: How are these Events been connected to the Chinese calendar or the twelve zodiac animals?
Alex Jones:

Well the only event that is connected to the Chinese calender or the twelve zodiac anmals closely is the 12 Battle Formations. Even though we do hold a celebration for the Chinese New Year that includes special events where players can obtain great rewards.

MMORPG.com: What type of battle formations are available to players who want to take part in the fighting?
Alex Jones:

Well as previously stated, the 12 Battle Formations are divided into level ranges. Each of these level ranges( for example level 84 -96) are represented by one of the twelve zodiac animals. Players who want to participate in 12 BF have to atleast be over level 36 and have a 12 BF ticket which can be purchased at various NPCs. After meeting the requirements for entry, players use their 12 BF tickets and are teleported to their level range formation where players within the same range will try to reach the Majesty Dragon.

MMORPG.com: Who is the Majesty Dragon and what impact does he have on the story line of Martial Heroes?
Alex Jones:

The Majesty Dragon is the biggest evil ever to appear in Karma (The name of the MH world)and he has the power to destroy both the evil and lawful sides of the game. The effect that the majesty dragon has on the story is quite big. Never before has a boss been so invovled in the story and actually spawned his own army to combat the MH players. As for the Majesty Dragon’s full impact, it has yet to be seen.

MMORPG.com: What types of rewards can players look forward too after taking part in these battles and events?
Alex Jones:

Players can obtain very rare weapons and items from the 12 BF. Some of these items are weapons equivalent to the highest level weapons in the game and itmes that can upgrade the heroes equipment. Other than items, players have a tremendous oppurtunity to take part in a very climatic storyline and may even have a chance to affect the story of Martial Heroes.

MMORPG.com: Being that the game is free, are there any future plans to implement a pricing policy for players?
Alex Jones:

In terms of pricing, Martial Heroes will stay free to play forever and that will never change. We have a market(MH Market) in game that we sell unique items for cash to players who want to stand out and have unique items Mostly, we believe that when it comes to real life money that it should be the players choice and that they shouldn’t be forced to pay a monthly fee just to have an account. Without monthly fees, we believe that the players can enjoy the game much better.

MMORPG.com: How do Factions play a part in the game and the events that you have been hosting?
Alex Jones:

The Factions play a huge role in the game and is essentially the backdrop of the game’s “Thousand Year War”plot. Each Faction has its own unique attributes and their own ideology. The Lawful Faction thinks that the most important state of mind is that the way you get to victory is more important than victory itself. This is why the lawful side has more offensive power and more defense. However,the Evil Faction thinks that its does not matter what they do or who they betray, victory is the only acceptable result. Due to this, the Evil Faction unique attributes are speed and debuffing skills. In terms of events, an all out faction war is held once a month. This puts Lawful vs Evil on the Martial Heroes PVP map; Deadlands. In Faction War the objective is to destroy the other side’s sacred stones, so you can say that it’s a Conquest-like event. Each side has to try to destroy the others stone while trying to protect their own which usually makes for a fun but strategic battles.

MMORPG.com: How can characters build fame by taking part in the Majesty battles?
Alex Jones:

Well players gain fame by killing any of the monsters in Karma. The fame aspect in game is more of a stat like experience and the more fame you gain effects your alias or nickname in game. The Majesty battles(even though you can gain fame in the battles) are mostly to get both Lawful and Evil factions to come together to vanquish a bigger threat and to overcome their differences.

MMORPG.com: What plans do you have for the future of The Empire of Martial Heroes?
Alex Jones:

In terms of plans, there is a possibility that the US can be seeing a release stateside in the near future. There is no official release date at the moment due to it still being in the planning stages. The future of the game itself is very great and has updates that will only be able to be seen in Martial Heroes. Even though this game was “released”, this game has some very big changes ahead concerning the graphical content and the gameplay. The version that is out now is not the final version of this MMO and players and MMO fans alike can expect some very unique gameplay aspects that they would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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