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A Giant Cobra Walker Has Been Added to Last Oasis

Next big update planned for October

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Last Oasis has received a new content push which brings about a new Cobra Walker.

The walker is described as “a giant walking defense tower.” Considering the main hook of Last Oasis is constructing these mammoth walkers and traversing the landscape, this should be a welcome addition. If you’re looking for a more defensive play style, this walker should interest you. The team went into detail about its design, including an early incarnation which had wings.

The post also contains a bunch of questions from the community. Some tidbits were shared here, including information that the next big update is planned for October. As to what that update will contain is anyone’s guess.

Additionally, the team confirmed that the Giant Worm will not show up until 2021,

“We want it to become a meaningful and exciting part of the game that's connected to the world and other features. While we've put a lot of effort into the worm itself by now, we're planning to release a bigger worm-themed update instead of just the creature on its own.”

Additional changes to this patch include:

  • Fixed Rupu Slings attacking friendly players when private.
  • Fixed grappling hook collision issues on walkers.
  • Updated engine to UE 4.25. Various tweaks and improvements like performance, visuals, etc. (the reason for large size).


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