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A First Look Interview About a True Sandbox Experience

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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MMORPG: Tell us how Greed Monger works as a Sandbox game? What are the main features that allow players a true sandbox experience?

Jason Appleton: The world will launch initially with nothing but nature and the players. It will be up to the players to create the world they will live in, the cities they want to work in, the home they wish to live in. Every finished item in Greed Monger will be crafted by the players and the world will evolve as players make progress. Aside from player owned non instanced housing and shops, players will be able to work together to construct community buildings that will spawn much needed NPC’s that will help unlock portions of the story as well as offer a multitude of services to the player base.

MMORPG: You mention a PvP climate about the game. Are there specific PvP zones outside of the PvE content? How will player land and houses be protected?

Jason Appleton: Yes, we are calling our “zones” Climates, because each climate will be focused around a specific type of weather condition, which will be reflected through the indigenous wildlife and monsters that make their homes there. These climates will also dictate the styles of housing and buildings available to be built in those areas. PVP areas will be climate specific and housing in those areas will work the same as with other climates. Properties in Greed Monger won’t be able to be destroyed or looted. However, If you kill a player in a PVP Climate, you will be able to loot whatever is in their pack.

MMORPG: Can you give us details on how the land parcel system will benefit players? What happens when a map becomes maxxed out?

Jason Appleton: The land parcel system will benefit players by offering them a means to support the game and themselves. If we launch the game with 3,000 available parcels of land that can be purchased by the player base and all are bought up by the players, then property values will increase with further demand on the game.  When the player wants to, they will be able to sell parcels of their land to other players through our Estate Auction System of which we will keep 15% of the total sale. If an estate has significant assets of value that go with it, due to the time the player invested in the game, this of course will increase the potential sale value of the estate and garner a higher return. Once property values have reached a point where it isn’t very feasible for players to pay such an amount to get into the real estate aspect of the game, we will introduce new Climates that will host new parcels of land for players that while bringing property values down a bit, will still be enough to bring in new players and still keep property values high enough to merit a smile from current land owners. This will all be regularly calculated based on figures we see upon launch.

MMORPG: What is the story behind Greed Monger? What type of setting does the game take place in?

Jason Appleton: Greed Monger takes place in the medieval times but nothing more is known. The story will unfold as the community makes progress in within the world. I will say that initially, you are trying to find out why you were dumped in this world and who put you there.

MMORPG: You mention Dev controlled monsters in the game. Will players get the chance to control monsters as well at some point?

Jason Appleton: No, because the way we plan to handle some of our raids will be very much like watching a play unfold that you are a part of.  You’ll never know when or where they will happen. If you consider players we’ve morphed into monsters under our control player controlled monsters, then sure!

MMORPG: With housing as an important part of the game, what will crafting allow players to make for their homes?

Jason Appleton: We will be adding new items at least weekly for players to craft from housing add ons, décor, furniture, exterior upgrades, weapons, armor, clothing etc. Our goal is to end up with the largest database of craft able items in any MMORPG within the first year.

MMORPG: How is your development schedule going? When will players be able to join Beta?

Jason Appleton: So far things are going well. Our initial servers are up and we are working on the combat and combat skill systems right now and will put out some videos of that once done. We are focused on getting to a KickStarter Backer only Alpha test by April with a closed beta to be scheduled based on the Alpha Test Feedback. We are focusing on building and implementing everything we absolutely need to get us into a full testing phase, and then we will add to everything from there, letting players test each new skill and or feature as they are added. 


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