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A First in the Rising Brazilian Market

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MMORPG: We are very excited to hear about “Order of Magic.” Can you give us some background on the game? 

João José Gois Rodrigues: Order of Magic is an Action MMORPG developed in Russia by Rosigra. The game consists of 2 factions that fight over the control of magic, in a world that is ruled by it. The player chooses from 3 fighter classes (Ranger, Paladin and Tamer) and fights other players in several PvP arenas in order to determine the best player of the game. To ensure that, we have a daily and weekly ranking so that everyone will know who they want to beat. The greatest features of the game are PvP battles with no target action, and the newly added Block and Dodging system. These make the fights very fun and unpredictable, and the player really needs to be agile and smart to win.

MMORPG: You have very passionate players from what we can tell. What has the response been from the Brazilian community towards the game?

João José Gois Rodrigues: So far, players are responding really well, even more than I expected. Players who got into the game and reached the levels where they choose a faction to fight for are pretty much hooked into the game. I was expecting that they would love the PvP part of the game, but they are also enjoying the daily PvE quests that we offer, so this is great. We can see lots of positive feedback on our Facebook page and game forum as well.

MMORPG: Was the game built from the ground up for the Brazil market, or can players in North America and English speaking areas get involved? 

João José Gois Rodrigues: Actually the game was built in Russia so it had the Russian players in mind. However, since we started publishing the game here in Brazil (2 months ago), we have been tailoring the game according to our players’ feedback. For instance, our players were asking for more action in fights, so last week we added a Dodging system so players could have more flexibility while fighting. I believe that this change, and all of the other changes—such as a new trading market for players to sell their stuff--would also be appreciated by North Americans and English speaking players.

MMORPG: You mention the class system allows everyone to be some form of caster, how does this work?

João José Gois Rodrigues: In Order of Magic lore, the whole world is created through magic. This means that every life form in that world has a little bit of magic within itself, and for the playable characters, it means that everyone has some kind of casting to do. Tamer would be your everyday mage, with a staff and fireball going out of his hands. Ranger is an archer, but he can summon deathly magic traps and can create a magical aura to increase his allies’ fighting abilities. Lastly, the Paladin is like a warrior, but he uses magic to create a shield for himself; teleport right in front of the enemy, and also stun his opponents. So as you can see, every player has some casting to enjoy.

MMORPG: You have six “elements” in the game that players can use; how does something like the Synthesis element work? 

João José Gois Rodrigues: The elements work like strong and weak points of a character. Each of the playable characters has their main element, which means that if you use items to improve that element, you will have more power. However, by not using items of a different element than yours, you will be more exposed to other player’s attacks. In this world, the Synthesis element can be translated as a direct hit augmentation. This is the Paladin’s main element, so each hit of his sword causes Synthesis damage in the other character. Tamer’s main element is fire and Ranger’s main element is air. The other elements are used by NPCs monsters and you have to use items to defend yourself from these elements in order to be safe while completing the daily PvE quests.

MMORPG: There are a lot of social systems in the game. How can a player start a Crusade?

João José Gois Rodrigues: A Crusade could be translated as a Raid to the usual MMORPG player. To start it, the leader of the crusade must go to the specific NPC and check the list of which crusades are available. The leader will then have to pay a fee to start a crusade. He can pay the fee with Crystals that are acquired by using real money in our cash shop, or he can pay it with PvP tokens that are earned by winning in PvP Arenas. Once he starts the Crusade, he invites people to join him, and only the leader pays the fee. Crusades are also important because you can earn gold, silver and copper ingots that can be used to buy the best weapons in the game.

MMORPG: The Clan system works similar to a guild but has many more benefits. Why is the Clan system so strong a presence, in your eyes?

João José Gois Rodrigues: The Clan is an amazing feature. You are right, in a way it can be seen as just a regular guild, but their benefit changes the way you play the game. The first benefit that you notice is the XP Bonus that you can activate for all the Clan Members. Let me explain: the Clan has a deposit bank, in which all members can place any amount of gold coins they want. These gold coins are then used to activate special Clan skills, and one of those skills is the 25% Extra XP Bonus. When you activate it, every clan member that is online at the moment of activation receives a buff that increases XP gained by 25% for 24 hours. This is why it is an excellent idea for everyone to join a clan. There is also skill to increase rewards from winning arena and more, but the really special one involves group gameplay. You might have noticed that there is no healer class in this game. Well, one of the clan skills is a healing skill. The player that chooses to activate this skill will have the potential ability to use a healing skill to heal all of your allies while fighting. This Clan skill can really make the difference in a battle, along with the Clan skill that improves 30% of attack for all nearby allies. So, Clans greatly change the way you play and experience the game in groups.

MMORPG: You have a Gem System in the game as well. How can players use this to their advantage?  What exactly does it entail?

João José Gois Rodrigues: Gem System is the way to upgrade your weapon. Some weapons have slots on them, and you can fill these slots with specific gems. There are gems to increase attack overall, as well as to increase a certain kind of elemental damage. All you have to do is buy a gem in the merchant NPC (or have the good luck that the monsters drop a gem near you) and bring it to the upgrade and repair NPC. But beware, because the Gems have limited use. After it is over, you lose that effect and you have to buy a new Gem and equip it in the weapon’s slot again.

MMORPG.com: Can you give us an idea on the timeline for the game? What will we see in the near future?

João José Gois Rodrigues: We have lots of updates planned for the near future and are constantly updating our game. We already added the new mechanics of the Block and Dodging system, and we are planning to have several more changes in the next 6 months. By the end of December or early January, we will have a revised game start. What I mean is that we are changing the way game is played in the first minutes by adding an instanced arena. The arena will have quests all around and your character will already be in full level with high skills and equipment so the player can have a glimpse of all the action that awaits him in the future. In addition to those changes, for release in February we have scheduled new PvE Areas with new field bosses and new PvP Arenas as well, while also making changes to UI and characters’ visuals. By late April or early May we intend to add new subclasses, adding more weapons and playing styles. Order of Magic is just beginning and you can be sure that both Gamérica and Rosigra are determined to create an excellent F2P game for every player out there. 


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