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Interview: Star Trek Online's Ryon Levitt On Working On Star Trek, S24 Reflections Console Launch

We sat down and spoke to Senior Designer Ryon Levitt from the Star Trek Online team, about working on his childhood dream as well as some of the approaches to the recently released S24: Reflections content.

Interview: Star Wars The Old Republic's Legacy Of The Sith Is Out December 14th

Ten years of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ten years of storytelling that is continuing with its latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, which will release on December 14th, 2021. We sat down with the team to talk about how they see this expansion and where things go from here, as well as the longevity of the MMO.

Interview: As EVE Online Players Protest, CCP Responds To Feedback Regarding Proposed New Dawn Mining Changes

EVE Online has been a flurry of activity both in game and outside of New Eden this past weekend with players protesting and showing displeasure at proposed changes coming with the latest New Dawn quadrant. We sat down with CCP Games to talk about the feedback and how the team is moving forward from here.

Interview: Crowfall Goes Freemium, Lowers Base Price With Major Uppdate

Crowfall launched in July, bringing the long awaited throne war PvP MMO to the market. However, since launch its felt like it's been hard for the PvP MMO to keep pace with the other releases this year. Well, ArtCraft Entertainment is hoping its latest update, as well as its new free trial model will help draw in players who have been interested in seeing what its all about, but hesitant to drop in.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview: Chatting With Charles Boyd On The Legacy Of The Sith Expansion

Recently we had the chance to chat with Charles Boyd, creative director on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Scott and Charles talked about his history with the franchise, cosplay, and of course the upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion due out later this year.

DCUO & The Chowderhead Crusades

How does DCUO inspire someone to to write a novel heralded as "the comic book nerd's Ready Player One?" Scott sat down with author J.J. Walsh to find out how MMOs inspired him.

Oberhasli Or Bust: Touring deadmau5's New Core World With The Man Himself

What happens when you combine the MMO do-it-yourself gaming platform Core with one of the best EDM artists of all time? A new, digital world created by deadmau5 designed to keep the concert going.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Interview With Director Naoki Yoshida

Anticipation and expectations are high for Endwalker, the latest expansion in Final Fantasy 14, which releases this November. We sat down with the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, to talk about the MMO and what to expect with Endwalker moving forward.

Interview: FFXIV English Cast Reflects On Eight Years Of Adventure

With Endwalker approaching, and the eighth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV's relaunch, Warriors of Light around the world have been given a lot to reflect upon from their adventures. An integral part of such has been the cast of characters accompanying our protagonist through thick or thin and, quite literally, throughout a universe of heartfelt and riveting story. We had the exciting opportunity to reflect upon the past few years with the English cast representing the current Scions of the Sev

Interview: Elder Scrolls Online Now Boasts Over 19 Million Lifetime Players As Deadlands Launches November 1st

During a livestream earlier today, ZeniMax Online Studios announced quite a few tidbits for Elder Scrolls Online fans, including the reveal that the MMO now boasts over 19 million lifetime players in Tamriel.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Interview: Preserving The Game

We got the chance to sit down with the developers of Diablo 2: Resurrected to chat about the development of the remake ahead of this week's launch. One thing is clear: they view themselves as preserving the experience, not iterating on it.

EVE Online Interview: Learning Lessons In The Aftermath Of World War Bee 2

EVE Online's in-game conflicts aren't just contained to an NPC story or the backdrop of the universe. Players themselves have shaped the course of the fictional universe through its many wars over the course of its almost two-decade history. CCP Games is learning throughout, taking the lessons players are teaching them throughout these large engagements each and every time.

Broken Ranks: A Preview and Interview with Whitemoon Games

The premise of a truly unique MMORPG can sometimes feel like an impossibility these days. In lands built with familiar classes, traditional hot bar systems, and standardized combat tropes, few games truly set themselves apart. Between speaking with the Founder of Whitemoon Games, Krysztof Danilewicz, and Lead Game Designer and Story Writer, Gabriel Marczak, along with getting some hands-on time with the game, there really is no other way to describe it other than, unique.

The Music of Godfall: Fire & Darkness - Interview With Composer Ben MacDougall

The upcoming expansion of Godfall, a new soundtrack to help tell the story Counterplay Games is trying to convey was needed. Enter Ben MacDougall, who put together the soundscape of Godfall. We had the chance to ask Ben a few questions about Fire & Darkness, as well as preview an upcoming track from the soundtrack.

Star Trek Online: Donny Versiga Developer Interview

MMORPG.COM got a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the starships of Star Trek Online come to life and how an artist followed his passion for Star Trek. Donny Versiga designs starships and environments for Star Trek Online. His love for Star Trek began at a very young age, as he watched the series with his dad and often paused the show to sketch out the ships. Now he is responsible for generating the model, textures, and materials to either recreate the ships from the IP's most popula