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    Flavien Brebion
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Infinity: The Quest for Earth Overview

Infinity: The Quest for Earth is an upcoming classless open-ended sci-fi MMO and persistent virtual world by developer Flavien Brebion. The game will allow players to create their own approach and play style in the planned vast universe (over 200 billion star systems), choosing their preferred mix of combat, trade, roleplay, diplomacy, and more.


  • Seamless, Procedural Universe | Infinity's game engine allows for areas to be procedurally generated and seamless, providing for a massive game world with no loading screens.
  • Real Physics | Infinity incorporates Newtonian physics as well as astrophysics, allowing players to manually control their ships' thrusters or let the system do it automatically, and providing for giant celestial bodies orbiting even more massive objects.
  • Real-Time Combat | Use your wits and skill to defeat your opponents in Infinity's real-time combat system.

Reduced in Scope, Project Seeks Revival Via KickStarter

Infinity: The Quest for Earth has been "in development" for quite awhile with no seeming end in sight. The team has, however, decided to reduce the project's scope to a somewhat more manageable level and is now seeking funds through a KickStarter initiative. Called an "epic space sim where 100s of players wage war across a seamless, procedurally generated, true to scale solar system", the project leads are looking for $300,000 to complete Infinity.

New Community Manager

Infinity extends a warm welcome to Richard Woods, their new Community Manager!