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One Million Users Strong

Infestation: Survivor Stories has claimed bragging rights for earning over a million registered users since the game's launch in December 2012. The team has also released some other interesting statistics.

Now Operating Under a New Name

The War Z is no longer The War Z. According to a post on the official Facebook page, the game's name will officially be changed to Infestation: Survivor Stories when the patch process is completed later today.

Security Alert Issued

OP Productions has issued a security alert to all users of The War Z's forums and game databases. The team detected an intrusion that has subsequently been shut down but players are urged to take precautions with their account details.

Back On Steam with New Content & Features

The War Z is back on Steam after a forced hiatus. The return is marked by the addition of new features and content. The details of the additions are not yet known.

Servers Under Attack

The War Z's community manager has gone to the official forums to let players know that the game servers have come under attack by unknown people or groups in an attempt to shut them down. The first attack occurred three days ago, the second earlier today.

An Open Letter to the Community

Sergey Titov, Executive Producer of The War Z, has sent out an open letter to the community that addresses the most prevalent issues that have been revealed over the past several weeks. Sit back and relax. We're posting the letter in its entirety.

Just When You Think It Can't Get Worse....

Developers of The War Z have lost the trademark for the game's name. A trademark infringement suit was brought by Paramount claiming that The War Z was too similar to the name of an upcoming film, "World War Z". The War Z has also been under fire recently from consumers and the game has been removed from Steam.

Under Fire on Steam

The War Z is under heavy fire from consumers on Valve's Steam gaming platform. According to a report on Develop-Online, players are alleging that the game has been released missing key features advertised on the Steam page and that it is in more of an 'alpha stage'. In response, Executive Producer Sergey Titov has taken to the Steam forums and altered the game's description on Steam.

Alpha Phase Complete

The War Z development team has announced that the alpha phase has officially wrapped up and the game ready to move to beta. To celebrate the transition, several key features are being added based on alpha tester feedback.

Unlimited Access Begins

Hammerpoint Interactive has announced that unlimited access to The War Z has begun. To celebrate, the development team has added new playable characters, new zombies, a new action-packed zone and new 'theme' items.

Early Beta Access Launches at 2:30pm Pacific

Confirmed via The War Z's official Facebook page, the game's early beta access will begin at 2:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Eastern.

Closed Beta Dated, New PvP Video Released

The War Z team has announced that the closed beta for TWZ is scheduled to begin on October 31st. For folks preordering the Pioneer package will get alpha access to the game beginning October 15th. The Pioneer package comes in at a spiffy $29.99 through October 20th when the price will go up to $49.99.

New Website Launches

The official website for the zombie apocalypse MMO, The War Z, is now live. The team behind the game also announced that over 100,000 players have signed up for beta testing in just 24 hours. The War Z is expected to head into beta testing very soon and is likely to be released in late 2012.