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Immune Overview

Experience true survival with a wink in the world of Immune - the new open-world survival MMORPG. Survive the wastelands with the help of your friends and your hand crafted weapons. Build your own fort to defend yourself and your hard earned loot from evil mutants, bandits or reckless players.

  • Craft & Build | Craft & Build your own structures, weapons, items or forts or occupy existing houses.
  • Plant, Grow and Harvest | Plant, grow and harvest your own food to keep your belly full and your energy up.
  • Open Sandbox World | Discover the apocalyptic wastelands and scavenge food, materials and weapons.
  • Drive Vehicles | Get your buddies in the backseats and travel safe and fast from A to B with military vehicles.
  • Tame Wild Animals | Tame wild dogs with food and they will become your feral bodyguards.
  • Full PVP/PVE | Raid forts or houses from other players or NPC cities alone or together with your party. Hunt wildlife to keep you and your loved ones fed.
Removing The Barrier - Game Now F2P

Vidiludi Games has announced that its catroon survival MMO Immune has now gone free-to-play on Steam where it is currently in early access. Developers hope that this will increase server population without any barriers to entry. Players can still support continued development of the game by purchasing keys to open cases which contain cosmetic items.

First Major Update Features Unique Karma System

German developer Vidiludi announced this week that its survival MMO Immune (now available via Steam's Early Access) is getting a new Karma system that rewards friendly players by making them immune to PvP damage.

Launch Arrives on Steam After Successful Greenlight

After a successful Greenlight campaign, top-down post-apocalyptic MMO, Immune, has officially launched on on Steam. The game features both PvE and PvP encounters with players battling for survival in a world gone mad.