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Immortal Day Overview

Walking into the world of Immortal Day can seem a little overwhelming at first. This MMORPG is a fully loaded game that focuses not only on the warring and merchant aspects common with this platform, but also takes the social component to a new level not commonly experienced in text based vampire games. The development of ones character takes place in a variety of ways and the well rounded players take advantage of most if not all of them. Training, leveling, gaining experience, building up a bank, mining, crafting a character biography and moving through the ranks provides a player with a nice level of diversity for their character will provide an engaging player experience. However some players choose to take a more specialized route and put their main focus on just a few aspects of the game, making them leaders in those areas. This is attractive because the Hall of Fame highlights the top 30 Immortals in a number of categories. The categories are broken out by the 5 species; Vampire, Lycan (werewolf), Hybrid, Hunter and Zombie Hybrid. Then once again they can be sorted by Rank. Filtering the species and ranks out in this way provides Immortals at any level of game play with the opportunity of being among the best in 28 aspects of the game.

Once you start to familiarize yourself with Immortal Day you begin to see that it is not just a vampire game, it is a social community as well. The social opportunities are plentiful as players are encouraged to comment on each others profiles, utilize Friends lists with a Friend Feed, Immortal Trackers, engage in the variety offered in the active game forums and participate in the Online Chat that allows players to interact in real time. For those who would like to take the socialization to the next level, two role play forums have been provided along with many dedicated RP chat rooms, a Premier Role Play donator pack gives the ability to create your RP family tree, 5 character biographies and detailed information on that players role play style and preferences. The creators of Immortal Day took the experience and knowledge gained from the success of Immortal Night and expanded it into this unique and engaging vision of Immortal life. The virtues of game play are many and are continually being added to with regular special events that enhance excitement and variety to the regular game play, but the interactive opportunities between players is something that elevates the game playing experience from just something to pass the time to a world to become a part of.

  • Five Distinct Species | Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, Hunters and Hybrid Zombies battle for power.
  • PvP Battles | One On One Fighting, Community-Wide Wars, Battle Royales and Minion Armies.
  • Thriving Player Economy | Goods are sold and exchanged between players. Item Markets, Auctions, House Vaults, Trade Center, Gold Markets, Player-owned shops and more.
  • Fantastic Fanatic Community | Online Chat, Active Forums, Mail, Comments, Role Play Rooms and Forums for vampire and werewolf fans alike.
  • Dozens of Casino/Carnival Games | Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Wack-A-Ghoul, Blood Bingo, Blood Bottles and More.
  • Over 250 Achievements | Hundreds of achievements to reach for with more added regularly. Also an exhaustive Hall of Fame ranking players in dozens of categories.