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Illyriad Overview

Illyriad is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS fantasy military strategy game developed in HTML5. Because it is in HTML5 rather than something like Flash, it will run on nearly any device including iPhone, iPad, Android phone or almost any device with a browser in it. The game sets players in the high-fantasy kingdom of Illyriad, where humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs compete for resources and territories. The vast kingdom is covered in peaks, hills, plains, and forests, each of which hold locations for highly defensible and flourishing cities. It’s up to players to become leaders of their own city or cities, taking on quests, collecting resources, and building armies to help their cities grow and prosper.


  • Humans | The most evenly balanced race in the game.
  • Dwarves | Masters of defense with their unrivaled stone and iron work.
  • Elves | Excellent archers, riders, and magic-users.
  • Orcs | Fiercely offensive warriors with their goblin, kobold, and troll minions.


  • Build Your Fantasy Empire | From tiny hamlet, to thriving town, to vast city.
  • Diplomacy | Make knowledge your power through use of spies, scouts, assassins, thieves, and saboteurs.
  • Player-Driven Economy | Operate trade caravans to numerous markets to transport and sell gold, raw resources, manufactured goods, food, and more.
  • War | Thirty-two types of military units make for deep and tactical competitive combat between player and non-player armies.
  • Magic | Three schools of magic (Blight, Geomancy, Runes) each containing a variety of spells.
  • Bestiary | Players must also contend with the creatures in the wilds, including wandering mercenaries, monstrous serpents, elementals, giant rats and spiders, revenants, shades, and many more.
Combat API Shared with Community to Foster  In-Game Spirit

The Illyriad team has a new blog post and interview with players Kodabear and Digioso about the recently released combat API that will allow players and communities to host their own tournaments and contests. Using the combat API, players can share combat information with others or it can lead to player-created tools and more, something the devs call "creating your own game spirit".

Broken Lands Update Released

Illyriad has been updated with a new content expansion called The Broken Lands. The patch brings a new zone, new quest hubs, new terrain styles, resources, factions and NPCs into the game.

The Ruby Jubilee Tournament Announced

The Illyriad team has sent word that the game has received a big batch of updates including the highly anticipated Ruby Jubilee Tournament. During the tournament, players face off against all others in a server-wide competition for specific areas of the map. Armies vie to hold on to new territory and alliances are formed to better grab squares.