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Preview: HUMANKIND's First Expansion, Together We Rule, Is Coming Later This Fall

It's been just over a year since the release of HUMANKIND, the 4X strategy game by Amplitude and SEGA, and the team is gearing up for its first major expansion. We had the chance to learn about Together We Rule last month during a digital press session. Read on to learn more about the expansion set to release later this fall.

Not So MMO: Humankind Preview - Trying Out Amplitude's Upcoming 4X Strategy Title

Bradford is a huge fan of 4X strategy games, so when he was able to go hands on finally with some extended time in Humankind, he jumped at the opportunity. And what he found there was a multi-layered complex 4X game that can potentially stand with the giants of the genre.

Humankind's OpenDev Scenario 1 Impressions

OpenDev is Amplitude's new approach to feedback and community-driven game development that lets players have a taste of Humankind while providing feedback back to the developers. This first scenario focuses on city-building and the economics in Humankind.

Humankind Preview - A New Kind of 4X

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to try out Humankind, Amplitude studio's newest foray into the 4X genre, during a virtual preview event where I was able to get over four hours of hands-on time. Here are my impression.