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Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition Finally Has A PC Release Date, Coming August 7th

Will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition Finally Has A PC Release Date, Coming August 7th

One of the biggest hits on the PlayStation 4 this generation, Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition was announced to be coming to PC this summer. We now finally have a release date, with the open-world game hitting Steam and the Epic Games Store August 7th.

The team at Guerilla shared the news via a tweet, as well as a new PC features trailer which dives into what PC players can expect from the award-winning RPG.

Features supported by the PC port include Ultrawide resolutions, ublocked framerates, as well as improved reflections, foliage and more. For those who have waited for the game, which is arguably one of the best games on PlayStation 4 this generation, to finally come to PC, the wait is almost over.

You can check out Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition running on PC the trailer above. Also, if you're eager, it looks like pre-orders are now available on Steam.


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