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HeroWarz (HWZ)
MMORPG | Setting:Super-Hero | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 06/30/16)  | Pub:KOG
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Open Beta Impressions

A nice, easy to get into diablo style ARPG
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

I stumbled upon this game by accident, and having finding myself with time to sink into it I decided to dedicate my time and knowledge and give a proper overview, I have gotten through the story mode and reach level 68 on one character, but as this is still a beta and not everything is accessible, my review will focus on the story and the one character I have gotten through it.

Game play: As I mentioned it's a very diabloish style, except there is going to be more characters to be released and the crafting system is not as good, B the character I choose to begin with is a duel wielding dps class, with some attacks that will take health to use, a stance that will use health to replenish mp or pm to replenish hp in the later level. There wasn't anything too surprising he fits well into the risk reward dps mechanic so careful monitoring of your health, mp and potion timer. Around level 20 you get your first sidekick, which works a lot like companions in Diablo or team-ups in marvel heroes, the first is a healer whom you will no doubt keep slotted as she is a aoe heal you get to unlock more as your progress every 10 levels or so but you can only slot 4 at a time so choose them wisely, I can see a potential grind trap on this, you can level up the sidekick in level and quality, in which I mean your healer goes from basic aoe heal to a stronger aoe heal that removes status but, in order to do so you will need to get a special book to feed to that side kick and I haven't seen too many drops yet. Once I got through the story which will leave you around level 68 for now I was able to join groups in what can only be compared to adventure mode without any context, you go into an area kill waves of enemies, kill boss repeat this a few times max of 5 times a day to get the stuff you need for upgrades and crafting.

Loot: this one was interesting until I got past the story mode and loot got much better, after every mission you pick 2 cards which reveal the loot you will get, this is where you will get the bulk of you loot as far as I could see, but crafting elements started dropping post story mode. I didn't feel a grind since practically every mission resulted in a level up, but getting great loot but luck of the draw was a bit lacking.

Sidekicks, this one required its own little section, here is how this works you have to going into a special room (n) once you reach the necessary level you can go into the (n) menu and select third tab and you will see the sidekicks you can earn, simply complete the mission and there yours. Here is the catch all of the areas will have you fighting enemies with different level modifications, in the first one I did, the floor was slowing catching on fire, so I only had a limited time to defeat the waves of enemies to progress before the fire caught up to me and made things even more difficult.  Each sidekick has their own thing,  some single target damage, or aoe damage and at least one that I know of is a buff and leveling them is easy just equip them and they gain experience, but each summons cost Maya fragments which you can get from dismantling weapons and armor. Each time you level their skill the summons cost go up and improving skills will cost gold.

Summery, it's a decent game with a interesting story, the cut scenes are mostly presented in motion comic form save for one that is done in anime style, the shop wasn't up an running so I can't say if this is going to be pay wall hell, the penalty for death is xp loss which Is the one I hate the most, nothing like spending 4 hours killing mobs only to have all that taken away in a second, its only happened 4 times for me and only in large groups at a boss, but still a loss is a loss, if there is something in the cash shop that takes advantage of this it would be a very scumbag way of taken money. I haven't gotten the materials to do any improvements nor have I gotten enough credits to buy rare stuff from vendors, the idea you don't  earn sp after level 70 to improve your skills is an interesting one, but the special currency for the epic stuff you can only get post story mode and max 25 a day its seems, on one hand that dose sound like much since most of the good stuff is around 60 in special currency, on top of x amount of gold and Maya fragments. I hate it when there is to many currency. I think this has potential to be a fun  game, depending how they handle the in game store, its open beta so give it a try you will either like it or find it meh and  come back when they have more characters to choose from.

Final Score


 easy to learn
 costume styles for each characters
 spam bots...yet
 grouping is easy
 looking promising in early stages
 xp loss on death
 lack of crafting system
 have sit through story even on 2nd play through
 no custom looks, unless you luck out on a temp costume
 its open beta, you will find bugs eventually
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