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HeroWarz Articles

Players Reminded Of March 26th Pause

KOG Games sent out a reminder that HeroWarz servers will be temporarily shut down on March 26th. At this point there is no date when it is coming back, but the team will be working hard to make major alterations to features and content of the game for it.

Pause Mode to Engage March 26th, Unpause Remains Unknown

The HeroWarz site has been updated with a post by KOG Games to announce that the game will be put on "pause mode" beginning March 26th. The post cites the need to temporarily disable the game to let it "become the game that we feel it needs to be, to make every change to every aspect of the game needed" as some of the reasons for the shutdown.

Launch Day Arrives with New Character

HeroWarz has officially launched as of today and comes with a brand new character named Jerry. The ARPG gives players a linear skill tree, vibrant characters and a game worth both comedic and tragic at the same time.

Open Beta Test Kicks Off

KOG Games has announced that the open beta test for HeroWarz has officially commenced. Players who took part during either or both closed beta phases will receive the promised rewards on logging in to the OBT.

Closed Beta Event 2 Now Live

KOG Games has sent word that HeroWarz has entered its second closed beta phase. The event will be running through June 24th with players in several countries taking part (US, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand). Participating players will be able to unlock special gear for achieving milestones during CBT 2.

KOG Games Announce Closed Beta 2 Event

The team that brings us Elsword is working on bringing HeroWarz to the west. After a successful CBT1 test, KOG Games just announced their plans for a CBT2 phase.

Closed Beta Kicks Off for Online ARPG

KOG Games has announced that the closed beta for its online ARPG HeroWarz has kicked off as of today. Players can still sign up for testing by visiting the HeroWarz site or by scouting around for keys being made available through online outlets.

Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMORPG.com has been given 5,000 more keys for the closed beta test for HeroWarz. HeroWarz is the ultimate action RPG where you select and cultivate unique heroes to build your own personal assault force. Get your key now!