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Setting a Good Example of How Crowdfunding Should Work

John Smedley has sent out another note to backers of Hero's Song with some details about when refunds for the now-cancelled game will begin and to once again thank the crowdfunding community for its support. Of particular note is his assertion that, while some backers want the company to keep the money for their hard work, it sets a good example of how crowdfunding should work for Pixelmage to return all money with the same good faith that backers demonstrated in the first place.

Pixelmage Cancels Game, Full Refunds Offered

Pixelmage Games, home of John Smedley, has announced that its flagship title, Hero's Song, has been canceled. Hero's Song has been cancelled due to the inability to raise sufficient funds to continue development. All backers and pre-purchasers on IndieGoGo and Steam will receive a 100% refund.

'Money is Tight' - Funding Options a Large Part of the Work

John Smedley has posted a short update on the progress of Hero's Song. The gist of the note is that being a start up means having to continually be on the lookout for funding sources and that that has been eating up much of the team's time over the last several weeks since the most recent round of alpha testing ended.

A Look at Crafting Experiences

Hello, my name is Paul Carrico and I am excited to be working alongside so many talented people at Pixelmage. I have been making games for about 16 years now. I am a game designer and work on creating and implementing content. I find myself always being drawn back to crafting systems. Working with the crafting communities of EverQuest, EverQuest II, and H1Z1 were some of my favorite times doing design.

Early Access Impressions - TheHiveLeader

In his latest impressions video, TheHiveLeader takes a look at John Smedley's Hero's Song, currently in Early Access on Steam.

Steam Early Access Program Begins

Pixelmage Games has announced that the Steam Early Access program for Hero's Song has kicked off as of today. Interested players can get hold of a copy of Hero's Song for $19.99 and be guaranteed entry into Early Access.

Hands On with Alpha

Hero’s Song, Pixelmage Games’ first title as a newly founded studio under John Smedley, went into Alpha 3 and early access for IndieGoGo backers late last night. Our own Bill Murphy was one such backer and eagerly jumped into the game this morning for a first hands-on session with the game.

The Game We Want To Play

When I heard John Smedley was leaving Daybreak Games, I suspected it wasn’t to retire. I was looking for a new gig at the time and thought I would reach out to see what he had in the fire. We went back and forth over text messages for a few days before actually talking, but the idea John described to me then, a little over one year ago, was super exciting and set my mind racing at the possibilities.

Alpha 3 Set to Kick Off on October 31st

Hero's Song backers are getting a special Halloween treat with the announcement that the game's Alpha 3 will be launching that day. The announcement was made via the Hero's Song Twitter.

Next Alpha Coming Soon with New Classes, Multiplayer & More

John Smedley has sent out the latest backer update for Hero's Song where he lets the community know that Alpha 3 is just around the corner at the end of this month. During Alpha 3, players will be able to try out fifteen of the game's twenty-one classes, though in a very rough state with undoubtedly lots of balance issues that will be resolved later. In addition, multiplayer will be available, basic dungeons, lots of monsters, underworld, loot, points of interest, better AI and more.

Smedley's Funding Campaign Ends Short Of Goal

John Smedley has posted a brief note on the Hero's Song Indiegogo's page to let backers know that over $94k was raised and, while short of the $200k campaign goal, development will continue and alpha 3 will be coming up in October.

Hero's Song - An Ambitious Old School MMORPG, Playable this November

While its Kickstarter didn’t pan out, Hero’s Song from PixelMage Games secured funding elsewhere, and during PAX West 2016, I had the chance to see the game in action for myself. From the creation of the worlds you host on your PC to the hunting and adventuring in the world we just created right there from scratch on John Smedley’s gaming laptop.