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    Pixelmage Games
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    Q1 2017 (12/26/2016)
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Hero's Song Overview

Hero's Song is a hardcore MMO action RPG and uses the familiar click-to-move and attack controls of classic action RPGs like Diablo III or Path of Exile. Combat takes a more measured pace, giving you time to react to the intelligent tactics of your enemies and to thoughtfully deploy your wide variety of skills and abilities. True to its hardcore nature, combat in Hero's Song is dangerous and has very real consequences including the chance of permanent death. Friendly fire is always defaulted to "on", so positioning and precision are very important considerations. Death will come quickly if you think this is a simple clickfest.

In Hero's Song players can control their own server and host thousands of other players (with up to hundreds playing at one time.) The heart and soul of Hero's Song is in our world creation. In fact, the mythos we're making is so important to the game that we partnered with New York Times Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss to help us make it awesome. He's been working with us to create this amazing backstory.

The backstory to Hero’s Song changes each time you create a new world, but it still has elements of the backstory we created woven into it.

Each god is unique and has specific interests which influence the physical geography of the world, who lives there, and how its history plays out. For example if you choose Nae, Goddess of the Sea as one of your elder gods, you'll end up with a lot more oceans; if you choose Cor, The Mad Smith, you should expect to see a lot more mountains. But the influence of the gods only begins with the geography of your world. Those same gods also impact the next phase of world creation - our deep world history.