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Report From GDC

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to talk to Eric Slick, the Technology Director for Simutronics, about the progress of their upcoming MMORPG, Hero's Journey.

Q&A #15

We return with one more Q&A before we head back to the developer journals.

Q&A #14

Designer Mike Paddock answers some more questions.

Q&A #13

Melissa Meyer answers more questions this week.

Q&A #12

Melissa Meyer, the Producer of Hero's Journey, answers more of our questions.

Q&A #11

Jeremy Starley gets more answers from Simutronics.

Q&A #10

Jon Wood and Jeremy Starley combine to ask five questions of Eric Slick.

Q&A #9

Jeremy Starley talks to Melissa Meyer of Simutronics about their game as our bi-weekly Q&A series continues.

Q&A #8

The folks at Simutronics are back with five more questions and answers.

Q&A #7

Melissa Meyer answers our questions as we get things back into gear and ask five more questions.

Q&A #6

Aaron Standridge answers five more questions from staffer Jon Wood as our bi-weekly quiz series continues for the sixth week!

Q&A #5

Jon Wood takes up the charge, as we quiz Game Designer Aaron Standridge about their upcoming MMORPG.

Q&A #4

Melissa Meyer, the Producer of Hero's Journey, sits down to answer five more of our questions in this latest Q&A about the award winning MMORPG in production at Simutronics.

Q&A #3

Hero's Journey Producer Melissa Meyer answers five fan and editor questions in this latest installment of our bi-weekly Q&A series.

Q&A #2

Eric Slick, Director of Development and Designer on Hero's Journey, takes the time to talk to us in this second of our bi-weekly Q&A series. Included is one exclusive screenshot.