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Hero's Journey Articles

Wyr Explained

Jay Miller explains the concept of Wyr.

The Real World: Elanthia

A new developer journal flying your way.

HJ Developer Journal

A new developer journal from the people behind Hero's Journey.

Much Ado About Roleplay

Stephanie Shaver is back to her antics with this new dev journal.

Service Abilities

Mike Paddock looks at this specific area of Hero's Journey.

Classes: Bard, Cleric and Healer

Lead Designer Stephanie Shaver pens another journal.

Wizards, Necromancers & Rangers

Stephanie Shaver, Hero's Journey Designer, looks at three classes available in their game.

The Classes

Stephanie Shaver's latest looks at what characters are... beyond well... Heroes.

Putting the RPG in MMO

Stephanie Shaver, a designer at Simutronics, looks at what motivates her in MMORPGs.

Character Creation

Stephanie Shaver of Simutronics looks at character creation in Hero's Journey.

The Tools

We change things up a bit with the first developer journal from Hero's Journey.