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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Articles

Patch Preview

The Heroes of Three Kingdoms blog here at MMORPG.com has been updated with information about a forthcoming content update. Among bug fixes and enhancements, players will now have three daily quests in the Redcliff zone complete with naval warfare.

The Weapons of HoTK

Perfect World Entertainment and the Heroes of Three Kingdoms dev team have released a flashy new video featuring a look at fifteen of the game's most devastating weapons. Check it out by clicking the image below.

Content Update Revealed

In the latest Heroes of Three Kingdoms blog, developers outline all of the juicy new details about the latest content update. The update includes four new weapons, new hero levels, new important battles, UI improvements and a new playable race. Be sure to swing by the Heroes of Three Kingdoms blog to check out all of the details!

New Trailer Released

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that a new trailer for its historical MMO, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, has been released. The video features a look at several environments, character archetypes and some gameplay footage as well. Click the image below to check it out!

The Versatile Ring Blade

The Heroes of Three Kingdoms team has posted new details about the Ring Blade class. The Ring Blade is a specialist in area of effect spells, evasion and high-burst damage attacks. Along with the lore and attack information about the Ring Blade, the Perfect World Entertainment team has posted several screenshots.

Zone & Faction Preview

Perfect World Entertainment has a new blog about Heroes of Three Kingdoms. This time, devs give players a look at the game's two factions and several of the zones in the history-based MMORPG. Players will choose either the Miao and Yan faction before setting out into the game world.

Media Tour

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh had a chance recently to take a developer tour of Heroes of Three Kingdoms, a historically based MMO in the Perfect World stable of free-to-play games. During her tour, Carolyn not only got a good look at the game but also received a bit of a history lesson as well. See what she discovered in her media tour.

Improving Your Controls

In the latest Heroes of Three Kingdoms developer blog, players are given some timely advice about movement, combat and quests. The blog goes into detail about customizing and remapping keys in addition to combat and loot tips.

What's New at Perfect World?

The Perfect World Entertainment team has sent over a whole list of happenings in and around its stable of games. From new Heroes of Three Kingdoms developer diaries to the just-announced Jade Dynasty PvP tournament, you won't want to miss these.

Closed Beta Cash Shop Event

The latest Heroes of Three Kingdoms developer blog has been updated with news for closed beta testers. All closed beta testers will receive Zen specific to their HoTK accounts that can be used in the cash shop. Also players who registered for the closed beta prior to April 26th will receive a horse mount to be used for the duration of the closed beta.

Open Beta Dated

Open beta for Heroes of Three Kingdoms will begin on July 27th according to a press release from Perfect World Entertainment. According to PWE, player response and information gained during the closed beta has been valuable to developers.

Closed Beta Starts

The closed beta for Heroes of Three Kingdoms has officially started. Players who redeem a closed beta key between now and July 27th will have the opportunity to score some serious real life swag from Perfect World Entertainment.

Free Beta Keys With Sweepstakes Bonus!

MMORPG.com and Perfect World Entertainment are pleased to present you with beta access to Heroes of Three Kingdoms - a free to play MMORPG inspired by Chinese history. Get your beta key from MMORPG.com and get into the action right now! In addition to beta access Perfect World Entertainment will be selecting random winners to receive tons of amazing prizes!

"Campaigns" System Detailed in Latest Video Diary

Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play MMORPG Heroes of Three Kingdoms will be hitting closed beta next Tuesday, July 13, and PWE has released this latest video to introduce players to the game. In the video, HOTK Product Manager AJ Potter gives us a primer on the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history.

Closed Beta Begins July 13th

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that its history-based title, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, will be entering its closed beta phase of development on July 13, 2010.