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Heroes of the Storm Anduin Wrynn Spotlight as He Arrives In Game

The Heroes of the Storm team has finally published the spotlight video for Anduin Wrynn, the next healer coming to the Nexus with today's update (NA). In the video, viewers are introduced to a bit of his background before diving into the skills he brings to the battlefield.

Heroes of the Storm Previews the Caldeum Acropolis Event

The latest Heroes of the Storm event has landed in-game and it's a brand new one at that. Called Caldeum Acropolis, the event sends players on a journey into the future where four gangs are duking it out for control of the Acropolis. Players will find new quests that reward special Caldeum Complex Loot Chests that can contain futuristic skins, epic mounts, sprays, icons and even a chance at previous years' limited-time Lunar New Year Spring event items.

Imperius is the Newest Heroes of the Storm Brawler

After an inglorious reveal late last week, the Heroes of the Storm team has released the Imperius Spotlight video that shows him to be an all-out brawler. The video showcases his abilities and provides a bit of background lore about the Leader of the Angiris Council and the Aspect of Valor.

Heroes of the Storm Sylvanas Update

In a future update, Sylvanas will be getting a significant update. According to the Heroes of the Storm Twitter, "With improved team fighting capabilities, a higher skill-cap, and a whole new set of powerful and engaging talents, the Banshee Queen is back and better than ever!"

Heroes of the Storm Role Shake Up Incoming; Sylvanas & Stitches Reworks & More

During this weekend's BlizzCon 2018, Heroes of the Storm introduced some serious shake ups coming to the game that were largely overshadowed by other convention news. In one of the biggest pieces of news, the team revealed that the Hero Roster is going to undergo some serious retooling in the near future.

Heroes of the Storm Profiles New 'Life-Draining Warrior' Mal'Ganis

The Heroes of the Storm site has been updated with a profile of the next playable character coming to the Nexus. Dreadlord Mal'Ganis is fresh out of the Warcraft universe where he originally was charged with corrupting Arthas Menethil. In HotS, Mal'Ganis will be a Life-Draining Warrior, seemingly more tanky than DPS.

Mephisto Spotlight - a New Ranged Assassin Coming to the Nexus

We've previously revealed that Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, is coming to Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard has just released the trailer to show Mephisto in action. Check it out and let us know what you think!

New Video Short is Teasing New Skins & "Viper Paramilitary Organization"?

The Heroes of the Storm Twitter has been updated with a new video that shows of "Viper Paramilitary Organization" and new skins for Genji, Stukov and Ana. In and of itself, that's not a bug surprise. After all, we've just had the mecha-skins arrive, but totally without any type of lore. This time, however, Blizzard provides at least a sneak peek at...something? Will we learn more about Viper and their place in the Nexus? The team has been touting its own HotS-original stories for months now.

Whitemane Spotlight - A Hybrid DPS - Healing Hero

High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane is coming to the Heroes of the Storm Nexus in the near future and Blizzard has revealed that she will be something of a hybrid healing DPS class. Whitemane will heal her allies by damaging her opponents and she has some interesting abilities to make that happen.

Raiders of Warchrome Brings New Nazeebo, Azmodan & Raynor Skins

Several new legendary cosmetics are coming next week when the next update launches in Heroes of the Storm. Called "Raiders of Warchrome", new content will include a new legendary mount, legendary skins for Nazeebo & Azmodan, and a new epic skin for Raynor. All have a very mech-oriented "Mad Max" vibe going on.