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Heroes of the Storm Articles

Heroes of the Storm Interview - Big Changes Incoming!

During Blizzcon the heroes team not only announced a brand-new hero who is the firist hero to come directly from the Nexus, but they also had more about character Role Updates, Boosts changes, Armor changes, and the updates they’ve been working on for both Sylvanas and Stiches. I also had the opportunity to talk to the Lead Hero Designer Matt Villers and Lead Animator Careena Kingdom to get a more in depth look at some of these changes.

Blizzcon 2017 - HotS Interview with Tony Su and John Deshazer

Heroes of the Storm has come a long way. The game contninues to win over MOBA fans and works well with players who want to find the fun side of the genre. Their Heroes of the Dorm tournaments have gotten lot of attention and continue to push the game into a positive light. Adding to this divine influence are Hanzo and Alexstraza. We spoke with Tony Su and John Deshazer about the upcoming changes to Heroes of the Storm.

Team Ballistix and the eSports Juggernaut

During BlizzCon 2016, Team Ballistix surprised the world when they won the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. We caught up with Patrick Soulliere, Global eSports and Gaming Marketing Manager for Ballistix Gaming to talk about the team, esports, and the future.

Varian, Ragnaros, and eSports – Oh My!

Heroes of the Storm is a special brand of insanity from Blizzard. The hero brawler is getting a bunch of new stuff in the coming weeks, and we caught up with Lead Live Designer Matthew Cooper to chat about the new heroes, tweaks to the Haunted Mines, the new Brawl, and more. Read on!

Gul'Dan Brings the Power of Fel to the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm will be sending legendary villain Gul’Dan to the Nexus soon and he’s sure to wreak havoc on the other heroes already there. We had the opportunity to talk to Blizzard Game Designer Jade Martin to find out more about Gul’Dan and how he came to be the next Hero in the Storm.

From Mod to MOBA – How Blizzard is Breathing Life into a Stale Genre

In 2010, Blizzard’s Dustin Browder recalls what it was like to finish StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The team was exhausted, but happy with their work. Little did they know that they’d need to bring something to BlizzCon that year to represent the StarCraft franchise. They settled on showing off the map editor and its many tools, the power of what sort of mods players could create.

What Inspired the Overhaul of the Ranking System?

Last week Blizzard revealed its two latest playable characters for Heroes of the Storm and announced some major upcoming changes to their ranking system. We had a chance to sit down with Production Director, Kaeo Milker to find out more about the process that goes into selecting new heroes and what inspired the major overhaul to their ranking system.

Blizzcon 2015 Wrap Report with Technical Director Alan Dabiri

We sat down with Technical Director Alan Dabiri to go over some updates to Heroes of the Storm, some of which are coming as early as November 17th! We first discussed the new Arena mode, where players can pick one of three heroes, their heroic ability, and then just jump right in and brawl. Each arena has much simplified objectives without lanes. Dabiri noted how internal playtests had their fellow devs stating it was the most fun they’d had in awhile.