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Hellgate: London Release Day Arrives for Single Player Fans

Hellgate: London has arrived, sadly without its multiplayer component. However, in its day, it was ahead of its time for fans of sci-fi action RPGs. You can now relive those heady days thanks to the latest Steam release of the game from Hanbitsoft. Hellgate: London will eventually be updated with the Tokyo content, but developers are still at work improving its stability and to ensure smooth gameplay.

Hanbitsoft Focus Testing Hellgate: London VR

Hanbitsoft is working on a new game based on Hellgate: London that will bring the futuristic shooter to single player virtual reality. According to MMOCulture, Hanbitsoft is creating a focus testing group to give Hellgate: London VR a go on both consoles and PC. The game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 with players taking on the demon invasion in an effort to protect Templar Jessica Sumerisle during events that take place prior to the original game's timeline.

Multiplayer Team - This is a Passion Project

The latest Hellgate multiplayer project, London 2038, developer diary has been published. In it, the team discusses what it has been working on over the last several weeks including making the pre-alpha more stable. Several significant bugs have yet to be worked out before the game goes into full alpha. Of particular note, however, is the monetization, or in this case lack of one, that will be utilized when London 2038 goes live.

Returning to the Multiplayer Underworld

It appears that a team is making promising headway on a revival of the multiplayer aspect of Hellgate. Since the revelation that such a project was underway earlier this year, the team has made such significant progress to being the multiplayer aspect to life that the first in a series of developer diaries has been published.

Hanbitsoft Brings Closed Online Game Back as Mobile FPS

It appears that dead isn't always dead with the revival of Hellgate on mobile devices. Now known as Hellgate: London FPS, the game quietly released on Google Play last week with no fanfare whatsoever. Hanbitsoft, most recent owner of the PC online version, closed the game not long ago only to bring it back for portable demon slaying.

New Steam Greenlight Campaign Begins

Redbana Corp. has started a Steam Greenlight campaign for Hellgate that will see the game relisted on the game portal including the Tokyo expansion. Hellgate was taken over by Redbana after Namco ceased operations in 2009. According to the Steam information, the title will, if successful in Greenlight, as Hellgate Global.

May Events Detailed

T3Fun has announced the new events for Hellgate players that will happen during the month of May. The Daily Hunt and Level Rush events make a return. In addition, the team will be implementing a series of weekend sales on items of interest to players.

Tons of February Events

The Hellgate Global team has announced a whopping nine events for the month of February. Among other things, players will see Hell Rush and Daily Hunts return to the game.

Stats Infographic & a Look Ahead

The Hellgate team has sent out an interesting info-graphic showing off some statistics from 2011. The image shows the character class most created and much more. In addition, the team has let slip some of their plans for the upcoming year.

Four New Events Bring Big Rewards

T3Fun has given our readers an insider's peek at four fun events for Hellgate players to participate in throughout the month of December. We've got the scoop!

Expanding to Tokyo Next Week

Fans of Hellgate will have a new location in which to battle the demonic hordes come September 22nd. The Tokyo region will be added to the game with new quests, monsters, gear and more.

September Events Target Demonic Hordes

T3Fun has announced several events for September to entice players to take on the demonic hordes infesting Hellgate. During September, devs plan to host recruitment contests, leveling events, and special boss challenges. The events are scheduled to begin today and run through the end of September.

Open Beta Begins Tonight

T3 Entertainment has announced that the open beta for Hellgate will officially kick off at 7:30 p.m. EST today. The launch of the open beta will be celebrated with four in-game events.

Open Beta Coming June 30th

According to a new splash page and the Hellgate site, the game's open beta is scheduled to begin on June 30th. The team has also released a new teaser page entitled "Hellgate's Eternity Arrives" with a pretty awesome looking graphic.

Closed Beta Coming June 3rd

The Hellgate closed beta will officially launch on June 3rd. According to devs, there are still closed beta keys available on several North American and European sites for access to the game from T3 Entertainment.