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Hearthstone's Next Expansion Sees Players Solve A Mystery In The Shadowlands

Hearthstone's Murder at Castle Nathria takes players to the Shadowlands to solve a murder in the next expansion of Blizzard online TCG.

Who is Harth Stonebrew? Find Out in the 5th Anniversary Hearthstone Vlog!

The Hearthstone team has put together a brief retrospective look back at the game's first five years. It begins with the voice actor behind Harth Stonebrew, the iconic dwarf character adorning most promotional material. From there, it goes into developer interviews about the Harth, the character, and what he's meant to the team and to the 100 million players who have taken part over 5 years.

Rastakhan's Rumble: Ticket to Greatness - a Hearthstone Animated Series

The Hearthstone team is ready to roll out the red carpet for its next expansion, Rastakhan's Rumble. As part of that, a new animated series by made in partnership between YouTuber "Wronchi" and Blizzard has been released. It's a fun look and should continue into the future.

Fireside Chat: The Puzzle Labs with Giovanni Scarpati & Max Ma

Giovanni Scarpati, Missions Designer, and Max Ma, UI Designer, are present in the latest Hearthstone fireside chat, this time to talk about the next solo adventure coming to the game as part of The Boomsday Project. Called The Puzzle Labs, players will work through four different puzzle types and how they were created.

The Boomsday Project: Here Comes The BOOM!

In celebration of the launch of The Boomsday Project, the latest expansion to Hearthstone, Blizzard built a real-life Boomsday Project that features over 60 interactions taking place on a larger-than-life Hearthstone game board. You have to see it to believe it!

The Boomsday Project Card Reveal Livestream Replay

The Hearthstone team took to the airwaves yesterday to reveal some of the cards players can expect to find in The Boomsday Project, the next expansion to the game. Peter Whalen and Brian Kibler showed off ten cards coming in the expansion, as well as a pair of legendary cards: Dr. Boom, Mad Genius (Warrior) and Kangor's Endless Army (Paladin spell).

Magnetic - The Boomsday Project

The latest Hearthside Chat has been published, this time with Hearthstone Designer Stephen Chang. In this edition, Chang discusses "just how magnets (and Mechs!) work with the Boomsday Project's new keyword, Magnetic!"

Animated Short: New Pack Day on June 13!

New Pack Day is coming up next week complete with a free card pack for all Hearthstone players. Blizzard has released an awesome new animated short about the excitement players get when receiving a brand new pack of cards.

Single Player Content, Monster Hunt, Arriving Next Week

The latest Hearthstone Developer Chat has been posted, this time hosted by Lead Mission Designer Dave Kosak. In this episode, Kosak reveals the first details about next week's single player component of the Witchwood expansion, Monster Hunt.

Developer Chat with Peter Whalen: Echo

Peter Whalen takes to the latest Hearthstone chat to reveal a pair of new cards coming in the Witchwood expansion, the Face Collector and the Warpath. He also discusses the importance of Echo in both early and late game.