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Next Update Plans Revealed

By Suzie Ford on July 24, 2013 | News | 0

The Hawken team has posted a new producer's letter that discusses the details of the forthcoming update. The patch is expected to bring many feature and game enhancement as well as a revamped matchmaking system, improvements to the clan system and much more. No information is released about when the update will occur, but players can start thinking about how to best utilize what has been announced. 

Check out this partial list:

  • NEW: Party System - Group together with your friends before entering matches
  • NEW: Party Matchmaking - Join matches and cry havoc together with your friends, now easier to do than ever before
  • NEW: New User Experience - We have added much more information within the game and menus for players of all skill levels to help guide their experience and teach them even more about the HAWKEN and how to make the most of it
  • NEW: Clan Indication in the Client - Clans will be managed from the website, but you’ll see tags in front of your clan members while you’re in the game much like how you've been seeing our [HWK] tags
  • NEW: XP Overflow - Have you leveled up a mech completely, if so it’ll now continue to generate XP and you’ll be able to transfer that excess XP to another mech of your choosing, leveling it up much faster
  • NEW: Last Eco Map - Supports Siege, Missile Assault, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch, just don’t get lost in the foliage
  • NEW: Co-Op Bot Training - You and a team of 3 others can play online and train against enemy drones and mechs but will you be able to destroy them all
  • NEW: Offline Team Deathmatch Training - If you are new to HAWKEN but want to get a better feel for the game before jumping into live matches, give this training mode a try
  • NEW: Pilot Progression System - Your pilot now levels up in addition to your mechs, bringing with it even more unlockables
  • NEW: Tuning System - The Optimization system is no more and is now the Tuning system, a system that brings some uniqueness to each subclass, helping to further customize how that subclass plays
  • NEW: Elite Skins - Full mech torso replacement skins with unique paint jobs, not just camos
  • NEW: Daily Reward Bonuses - Get some regular bonuses for just being a supportive player
  • NEW: Completely New Menus / UI - A complete overhaul of the menu and UI
  • NEW: Completely New Gameplay HUD - A complete overhaul of the gameplay HUD
  • NEW: Basic Tutorial - We have a completely new tutorial to help new players get themselves familiar with the game in even better ways than before
  • NEW: Basic Oculus Rift Support - If you have an Oculus Rift, we now provide some basic support so you can experience HAWKEN in a new and exciting way
  • NEW: Mech Progression System - Mech progression received a complete overhaul with more options for the player and more rewards for leveling up, this includes brand new content associated with this new system, goes hand in hand with the new pilot progression as well
  • NEW: Matchmaking System - More factors are taken into account than previously and small touches such as more advanced team balancing will help make the player experience even better, we'll always be watching this system to determine improvements
  • NEW: Internals System - Internals will no longer be simply stat based but they’ll add a more meaningful layer to customization, further changing up how people play… how about doing a 180 spin in the air...
  • NEW: Item Slot System - No more item categories as they were previously organzed, items now have multiple strength levels so players will need to decide between taking more but weaker items with them, or less items but ones that pack a bit more punch
  • NEW: Mech C Turret Mode - Each heavy class special ability have some more benefits associated with them and in addition, players will be able to boost while in the mode
  • Bug fixes, polish, optimizations, updated FX, replacement cockpit interiors, a new mech and more…

Read the full letter on the Hawken site.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom