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Hawken Articles

PC Version Closing in January 2018, Console Versions to Remain Open

The Hawken team has announced that the PC version of the game will be removed from Steam on January 2, 2018. The reason for the closure is so the developers can "refocus...development efforts". From today forward, players will not be able to purchase DLC and other purchasable content.

Headed to PlayStation 4 and XBox One Soon

During last night's Sony PlayStation event, a new trailer for Hawken was shown to announce that the game would be heading to PlayStation 4 in the near future. According to VG247, after the event, 505 Games confirmed that Hawken would also be released for XBox One.

Reloaded Games Acquires IP, More News Coming Soon

The Hawken Facebook page has been updated with the news that Reloaded Games is now the owner of the IP. The team is working in conjunction with Reloaded to get the forums back up and running and that other back end systems are being overhauled.

April Update Includes Global Camouflages

The Hawken team has posted the April patch notes that includes the news that camouflages are now global for all mechs. In addition, the team has announced that significant changes have been made to the game's economy and that co-op team death match is now live in game.

Relaunching as a Steam Title

Hawken players will now be required to have a Steam account in order to play the game. The development team felt this was the right move to enhance the game prior to its retail release sometime later this year. In addition, the team looks forward to bringing thousands of new faces into the mech-themed game.

Ascension Update Deployed

Hawken has been updated with a new patch called Ascension. The update brings many new features and improvements into the game, most notably a new player progression system that changes the way players level-up, gain XP and unlock upgrades for both their pilots and their Mechs.

Next Update Plans Revealed

The Hawken team has posted a new producer's letter that discusses the details of the forthcoming update. The patch is expected to bring many feature and game enhancement as well as a revamped matchmaking system, improvements to the clan system and much more. No information is released about when the update will occur, but players can start thinking about how to best utilize what has been announced.

Partnership with Rixty Announced

Hawken players can now take advantage of the just-announced partnership agreement between Meteor Entertainment and Rixty. Over 500,000 retailers will offer a way for players to purchase in-game currency with a credit card.

Pilots Invited to Holiday Battle

Hawken pilots have a new holiday-themed map to take the fight to with the arrival of Operation Frostburn. The map brings the snow-filled region of Prosk to the game along with holiday-themed skins and more.

Open Beta Arrives

The Hawken open beta has officially kicked off. The team has a pair of great forum posts for soon-to-be players: The latest producer's letter and the official open beta patch notes.

Primed for Open Beta

Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment have announced that the open beta for Hawken will go live on December 12th. Players can head to the official site to sign up to take part in the open beta. Developers are also planning a Machinima trailer to celebrate the commencement of the open beta.

Beta Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has partnered with Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games to give out beta keys to the upcoming free-to-play mech-based first person shooter, Hawken.

Join the Closed Beta with this Code

The Hawken team has a multi-use code for a limited number of players to use to join in on the closed beta that is scheduled to begin on October 26th. According to the community post, this is the first code give away but there's no sense in waiting! Get on it today!

MechWarrior On Bath Salts

During PAX Prime, we had the opportunity to check out Adhesive Games' Hawken. So impressed were we by what we saw, that Hawken took home our Best Hybrid Award for the show. Find out why we liked what we saw and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.