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Razer Is Upgrading Their Popular Nommo Speakers With The Nommo V2 Line Up, Coming In June

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Razer's desktop speaker solution is getting a refresh with the Nommo V2 line of speakers, coming in June 2023.

Razer has long been a player in the gaming audio scene, with many of its headsets and sound bars adorning many a gamer's desk. The original version of the Nommo Pro speakers was released in 2018, featuring powerful speakers and a wired subwoofer. Since then, Razer has also released a soundbar, most recently the Leviathan V2 Pro which features head-tracking and virtualized surround sound in the package. 

Where the Leviathan is great for immersion, coming with virtual 3D audio and Beamforming surround sound, the Nommo V2 Pro line of speakers is instead focused squarely on the performance gamers get in the package. The desk speakers feature three-inch drivers complete with Aluminum Phase Plugs to help reduce the chance of interference of the soundwaves leaving the speaker, which can result in a poorer audio experience when it happens.

Razer Nommo V2 Pro

Coupled with the 5.5" down-firing subwoofer, which provides clear, rich bass tones to the soundscape, the Razer Nommo V2 Pro setup aims to provide precise and clear audio setup for those gamers who want the best in their gaming audio. Also, the subwoofer is wireless, which is a nice touch for a cleaner setup.

It wouldn't be Razer if they didn't also come equipped with Chroma RGB support, adding rear projection lighting on the speakers that can sync with the rest of your Chroma-enabled devices in your setup.

The Razer Nommo V2 will be available in multiple different configurations, with the Razer Nommo V2 pro coming with the Wireless Subwoofer as well as a wireless controller to adjust volume, DPI, and more on the fly. The Razer Nommo V2 comes with the Subwoofer, but it's a wired variant and the Razer Wireless Control Pod is an optional add-on. And for those users who may not want a subwoofer, there is a variant that is just the two desktop speakers (though they are devoid of Chroma support).

Razer Nommo V2 line up

The Nommo V2-line of speakers will include THX Spatial Audio support as well as support for game profiles set up to take advantage of the speakers at their fullest. As of right now, the list of games included is a bit small, from Cyberpunk 2077Genshin Impact , and a few others, but Razer states that the list will be growing with time.

Starting at $149.99 for the Nommo V2 X, $299.99 for the Nommo V2, and $449.99 for the V2 Pro, there seems to be a package for every price range. Additionally, if you want to grab the wireless control pod, you can do so separately to the tune of $49.99 in August. If you grab the V2 X, however, and want to grab the subwoofer, however, according to Razer in a press briefing earlier this month you'll need to re-buy the whole package as of now. Hopefully, that changes at some point, though.

Thankfully too the Nommo V2 has support for more than just PC and Bluetooth, unlike the Leviathan V2 Pro before it. The Nommo V2 supports USB connections with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and can connect to the Nintendo Switch via its Bluetooth connection.

The Razer Nommo V2 Pro line of speakers will be available starting in June 2023.


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