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We Built an INSANE Gaming PC with two RTX 2080 Tis!

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Build Process

Building inside the PC-011 Dynamic is one of the easiest builds I’ve ever done. It’s spacious, well laid-out, and extremely functional. I love that the case moves both the power supply and the hard drives completely out of sight, though be aware that it will only support two HDDs. This tray can also be removed to support a second power supply for a dual system configuration.

The only issue I had was with cable management and really had nothing to do with the case. The EVGA Super NOVA 1000 T2 has thick cables which are a bit stiff (though the modularity was excellent for only using what I actually needed), but when I added the cable extensions, things became cluttered fast. In hindsight, the extension kit I chose was clearly too long, which exacerbated the problem.

By and large, however, it was a very easy build.

The Final Product

In the end, I’m extremely happy with how things turned out. Not only does the system look fantastic but it’s just as powerful as I’d hoped it would be. My main system uses two monitors, a 43-inch 4K/60Hz display and a 32-inch 1440p/144Hz. This system is able to run both monitors at the same time and keep me running above 60 FPS in most games!

Of course, that’s to be expected with this kind of horsepower. What I didn’t expect is that the idle temperatures are actually improved over the 8700K using the same cooler (load temps are another story). On average, I’m running about 4C cooler on the same Kraken X72. It would have been nice to see that translate through to load temperatures where it currently gets about 6-7C warmer, but it’s a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

My whole “electric blue” idea didn’t quite pan out, though I love the effect the Corsair LL120s have and the utter highlight that is the G.Skill TridentZ Royal. With the blue color and the DRAM looking like jewelry, it winds up looking a lot more like an under the sea theme. I’m actually debating adding some green RGB to the bottom of the case for kelp - maybe with some orange animations for Nemo fish?

Ultimately, even with the challenges of the build, I’m very happy with the end result. Just… help me keep an eye on this machine, will ya? I’m pretty sure it’s observing its surrounds for the grand robot uprising.

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