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Vertagear Triigger 350 SE Review

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Damien Gula Posted:
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Here are MMORPG.com, we love exploring every corner of the market to discover new ways to enhance our collective gaming experiences. Whether it is hot new GPUs, boutique peripherals, fresh ways to capture content, or the latest patch notes and new releases, we are all about it! In the midst of all of this, there are occasions, few though they may be, where we get to revisit a product in the form of a special edition version. This review is one of those mythical moments. This is our review of the Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair from Vertagear. Let’s take a closer look at it.


  • MSRP: $999.99
  • Aluminum alloy frame and base, steel alloy mechanisms
  • Premium calfskin leather accents
  • Reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh coverings
  • Adjustable seat depth (18.5 - 20 inches)
  • Multi-direction lumbar support
  • Armrest mounted triggers for height (right trigger) and recline angle adjustment (left trigger)
  • Dual spring suspension mechanism with tilt tension adjustment
  • Triigger Holtron 75mm / 3” lockable hubless casters
  • Triigger 350 Sc Headrest/Neck support
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited

Nearly three years ago, I got to experience the chair that Vertagear described as a “gaming chair redefined.” From a purely aesthetic glance, this is a really appropriate statement: the Triigger product line looks nothing like the bulk of gaming chairs on the market. Now, that isn’t to say that the company has shirked convention completely; Vertagear has a whole line-up of racing seat-style gaming chairs! They even have RGB underglow kits for them… because, if you going to commit to RGB, you may as well go all the way.

What I experienced with the Triigger 350 was a gaming chair that focused far more on functional form than flashy flair. That isn’t to say it’s ugly - it was (and still is) an incredibly elegant chair of exceptional quality. It was sturdy and supportive and made from high quality materials. Not only has it stood up to hours of gaming and the pawing of a curious puppy, it weathered a move across the country like a champ. And for the $800 USD price tag - it should have! What has absolutely blown me away about this chair is that everything I wrote about it three years ago holds true to this day.

So, what is the Trigger 350 and what makes the Special Edition so special?

The Triigger 350 gets its name from the number of parts that have gone into constructing the main chair. While that sound like a lot to piece together, it all comes pretty well assembled in the box. All you need to worry about is attaching the caster to the aluminum alloy base, place the class 4 gas cylinder on the bother side, mount the seat on top, add an optional headrest (parts #351 and beyond), and you are ready to experience a chair that is truly unlike any other!

The namesakes of the chair, the “Triiggers,” are mounted on the under side of the armrests. These control height adjustments for the chair as well as releasing the back for reclining up to 33 degrees with adjustable tension. The seat of the chair can be moved forward and backward, as can the back of the chair. These adjustments can all impact the amount of support given to your back but the adjustable lumbar pillow. If you are noticing a theme revolving around adjustment, that’s because there are eight different points of adjustment on the Triigger 350.

Both the seat and back are covered in a reinforced mesh that are both supportive and breathable.These are attached to a plastic frame and mounted to an aluminum core structure that gives the chair an artist, sci-fi aesthetic. There are also padded leather accents strategically placed where your arms and legs might rest on the back or seat.

These are all standard features within the Triigger 350 family.

What Vertagear does with the Special Edition is that they takes everything excellent about the Triigger 350 and builds upon it. The calfskin leather accents are still present, positioned in just the right places for comfort, but boast a boutique deep red coloring. These accents match the metallic red aluminum frame as well as the core of the Triigger Holtron casters.

These casters are a pretty noticeable upgrade from those found on the stock Triigger 350. They are a bit bigger, providing a little bit of extra height for the chair, and have a more premium glide to them. They also have a feature that we have not seen on a gaming chair before: locking wheels. This may not be a big deal to you, but if you need to keep everything locked in just the right place, the Triigger 350 Special Edition can make that happen.

The other upgrade that is included with the Triigger 350 Special Edition is a headrest. The standard chair does not come with one, so I order the Triigger 275 headrest and it made a huge difference in comfort and support. The Triigger 350 Special Edition, however, is packaged with the Triigger 350 Sc Headrest/Neck Support.

The headrest pillow is made out of silver linen and recycled coffee fiber, making it both anti-odor and antibacterial. These materials encase a memory foam interior that is comfortable and supportive. The only down side to this headrest is that the adjustments on it are quite limited. If you are taller person like me (6’ 3”), it falls at a weird spot in the back of my neck. Perhaps that is intentional. For me, it is a little odd.

Final Thoughts:

Vertagear builds upon the quality of the base Triigger 350 in this Special Edition package with extra features and aesthetic differences from the base model. While the main difference between the two comes down to three areas - upgraded locking caster, high quality cushioned headrest, and boutique color scheme. Each area makes an already premium chair feel all the more premium. Looking at the cost of the parts separately, it can be easy to see where that money goes when considering the parts by themselves.

Looking at cost, the Triigger 350 Special Edition is a premium edition of an already premium gaming chair, coming in just shy of $1000 USD. Is it really worth spending that much money on a gaming chair, let alone the Special Edition premium? The features on the Triigger 350 Special Edition can be worth the extra bump in price if a headrest and high quality casters are a need for you, but that depends on what you are looking for in a chair.

When considering all of the feature along with the pricing, I want to refer back to a statement that I made three years ago:

“…this chair falls into a completely different place and price bracket than your usual racing seat gaming chair. It is a high-end ergonomic chair – and not at an unheard-of price point for a chair of this caliber. Chairs like the Triigger 350 are designed for the spinal health of users who could be in them for extended hours every day. If you are going to be taking part in extensive gaming sessions (which we all will), a chair like this (can be) an investment in the long-term care of your body.”

This is not a chair that you buy for the “sink in and lose yourself in the seat” type of comfort, but one for supportive comfort over time. I can’t tell you that it this will drastically improve your physical health, but I can tell you that something as simple as supporting good spinal health can pay out dividends. Considering a chair of this caliber (like the Triigger 350 Special Edition) is more of a long-term investment than it is an immediate payout.

If you are looking for a long-term gaming chair with multiple points of adjustment and high quality construction that will give you extra back support for long gaming sessions, the Triigger 350 Special Edition goes beyond the norm to provide a truly extraordinary experience.

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.
  • Ergonomic design helps in extended gameplay sessions
  • Fast adjustments on the fly
  • High quality materials used in its construction
  • Multi-point adjustments to fit your needs
  • This chair will hold up over time
  • Headrest adjustment is limited
  • Arm rests are quite hard - least comfortable part of the design
  • Quite cost prohibitive


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