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Vertagear PL6000: Big and Bold

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Through their short time on the market, Vertagear has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the premium furniture makers for PC gamers. Last month, we took a look at the Triigger 350 and the racing styled SL5000. Today, we’re stepping up to the racing chair’s big brother, the PL6000. It’s made for big and tall users, and this is our full review.


  • Model: PL6000
  • Colors: Blue / Carbon Black / Green / Red / White / Camouflage
  • Max Load: 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Materials: Steel (frame), High Density Foam, PVC Leather, Aluminum Alloy (base)
  • Overall Height Incl Base: 1285-1385 mm / 50.6-54.6 in
  • Backrest Width (Shoulder): 510 mm / 20 in
  • Backrest Width (Lumbar): 520 mm / 20.5 in
  • Seat Width: 550 mm / 21.7 in
  • Seat Depth: 480 mm / 19 in

When it comes to gaming chairs, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more respected name than Vertagear. Even though racing chairs are being produced by many well respected companies these days, Vertagear has developed one of the most loyal and vocal fanbases around. The reason is simple, Vertagear wears quality on its sleeve, demonstrating an attention to detail that is often lost on its competition. That sounds hyperbolic but in this case is true: this is a company who has made its name on the pillars of quality, ergonomics, and fine detail. The Plus Line 6000 is no exception.

We received a special edition of the PL6000, patterned in camouflage as part of Vertagear’s Military Appreciation Program. Other than aesthetics, our unit is identical to others in the PL6000 line, which means it’s big, durable, and ready to give you that extra lift for more elevated desks. It also features the same exceptional 10 year warranty to give you the added peace of mind. This isn’t a product you should expect problems with in a year or two. If you do, Vertagear is ready to help.

Like the SL5000 we reviewed last month, the assembly process was very easy. Vertagear uses a patent pending mechanical structure that allows a single person to assemble the chair in no time. There’s a detailed instruction manual which we used, but it would be difficult to assemble the PL6000 incorrectly. Everything is fitted and machined in such a way that you would really have to try to put it together wrong. In 15 minutes, it went from boxed and packaged to fully assembled, which is a huge improvement over other chairs I’ve worked with.

The PL6000 is a large chair, made for bigger gamers, and has a good amount of weight to it. While many cheaper seats cut corners under the upholstered surface, Vertagear opted for a full steel frame and base, and  “ultra premium” high density foam. These two features absolutely add to the chairs 56lb weight, but also add immeasurably to the 6000s quality and durability. I also like that the foam is firm without being stiff. Sometimes these chairs have a break in period where the foam softens to a comfortable level; here, it’s just about the perfect density right out of the box.

The amount of comfort adjustments is also spot on. On the underside are levers to lock and unlock recline, adjust your height, and even a tilt resistance adjustment knob. The backrest reclines generously at 170-degrees, almost to a complete lay. The armrests can be adjusted for height and separation but also angle. Depending on what you’re doing, the scope of adjustment makes the PL6000 quite the versatile chair.

When it comes to fit and finish, Vertagear just delivers. It’s outfitted in PVC leather, and the camouflage just looks great contrasted with the black surfaces. All of the stitching on the dark areas is done in white, which just pops. The Vertagear branding appears on the headrest, as well as the lumbar and neck cushions, and appears very well stitched. The casters are also well done and move very easily, even across a carpeted floor. Small details, but when they add up they become big.

The “biggest” small detail has to be the perforated leather. Every gaming chair should be this breathable. Before this review, I had used a racing seat without perforations, and it never failed to make me sweat, even when I moved around often. The PL6000 should fare much better, even over long gaming sessions, and is more comfortable as a result.

One of the most important qualities in any chair is its ergonomics. Often gaming companies focus on making their hardware look cool at the cost of actual performance. Vertagear has always designed chairs that are, first and foremost, comfortable and supportive to sit in. Racing seats tend to suffer challenges when it comes to ergonomics, but the larger size and mid-to-soft density support cushions work together to make the PL6000 a cut above in comfort. I appreciate that the curves on the back and seat cushions aren’t quite as tight, which lets me feel a little freer in my seat while still supporting good posture.

The only real critique I could present here would be that the lumbar support cushion was slightly confusing to secure. Since there are no cutouts to lace the elastics through near the headrest, they have to sit along a channel and it took some adjusting to keep them in place.

Final Thoughts

The PL6000 is another excellent chair from Vertagear. If you’re a bigger gamer that likes the racing chair styling but wants to make sure they’re really getting something premium, it is definitely worth a look.


  • Full steel frame, high density foam
  • Good adjustability
  • Perforated PVC leather is a GREAT “small” feature
  • Easy assembly


  • Lumbar cushion comes loose a bit too easily

The product discussed in this review was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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