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VersaDesk Standing Desk Review - Now You're Standing With Power

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The VersaDesk Power Pro standing desk converter is an interesting item. On one hand it turns any desk capable of becoming one into a standing desk without the need to buying one outright. However, the flip side of this is that when using it as a standing desk is severely limits working space. In the end, though, it’s a great accessory for those looking to get a bit more circulation while working or gaming for long stretches.

The VersaDesk Power Pro is available in a few different widths, ranging from 30” to 48”. Each jump does adjust the overall cost of the converter though. Here is the full breakdown of the specs:

  • Electric Lift Push Button Adjustment
  • Vertically Adjusts
  • Holds up to 80lbs
  • Adjustable up to 20”
  • High-Density Fiberboard Surface
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • High-Pressure WilsonArt Laminate
  • Scratch / Dirt Resistant
  • Voltage: 29V
  • Amperage: 2 Amps
  • Power rating: 55 Watts
  • Lifetime Warranty

Personally, I’m using the 36” version of the Power Pro. The build quality of the Power Pro is top notch - everything comes pre-assembled so all you need is ensure you have enough space for the standing desk converter. The stand for the keyboard and mouse attach to the desk with two sets of wingnuts, making it easy to take off when you lower the desk down to sit.

Using the standing desk, the experience varies depending on use case. If you’re like me, you work at the same PC you game. During the work day, it’s a fantastic addition to my work area. The versatility of being able to sit and stand when you want allows for a healthier work environment when you need it. The motor on the standing desk isn’t that loud either, though it could be a bit faster for my taste. I find myself standing for 45 minutes and sitting for 15, and repeating throughout the work day. I’ve felt more energetic during the day, surprisingly enough, standing versus sitting for 8 hours. It’s also made me want to continue staring at the same screen to play games later on when more often than not I would loathe going back upstairs to game in my office.

However, there is a key problem with the Power Pro and it all comes down to space on the actual keyboard and mouse surface. For simply browsing the web or using a spreadsheet, it’s fine. However, if you were looking for optimal room to game, you’re going to be disappointed.

There just isn’t enough space for large mouse movements, making playing games like Overwatch or even The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset a chore. Additionally, gaming keyboards are notoriously large, meaning you’ll be fighting for space to comfortably type. I found when I played a game standing, I would simply use a controller. If I decided to sit and play, I’d remove the keyboard area and use my main desk surface. It defeats the purpose of using a standing desk to game when there simply isn’t adequate room to do so, especially when at $390 you can likely get a full desk surface with an electric motor that will do the trick. Looking at my local IKEA for instance, a standing desk is around that price and the whole surface raises with a motor - though I will say the VersaDesk build quality is overall better.

Design-wise, though, VersaDesk’s Power Pro gives you the ability to use their own monitor mounts for multiple monitor setups. Electric Lift Push Button Adjustment, and it even features multiple places for you to run cables for tidy cable management. It’s also incredibly sturdy - even moreso than the table I bought to set this on when I found out my glass L-shaped desk wouldn’t be wide enough. It supports up to 80lbs as well, which seems more than enough for more setups.

In the end, while the VersaDesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter might not be the best option for gaming with a mouse and keyboard at the smaller sizes, it’s still a welcome addition to any office - home or otherwise. Gaming with a controller circumvents this problem, but it’s a downer that there just isn’t the room needed to really spread-out and game. Being able to stand for part of your day while you work is simply healthier for you, and this desk helps accomplish that end. And it’s really the versatility to sit or stand while using the rest of your pre-established work area that hits home with me.


  • Preassembled and easy to use
  • Motor is quiet
  • Adds much needed versatility to your set up
  • Build quality is incredible
  • Cable management features


  • Gaming on Power Pro isn’t ideal with large keyboards and mice
  • Expensive - costs as much as some full desk options on the market


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