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UPLIFT Vert Ergonomic Chair Review

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Do you slouch all day, from the car, to work, back to back home again? I know I do, and I’m not proud of it, so who else is curious how much difference an ergonomic chair makes to long session computer users? UPLIFT Desk are here and hope to save the day with the Vert Ergonomic Office Chair. This is our official review.


  • MSRP: $399.99
  • DIMENSIONS WITH HEADREST: 27.5" W x 17.3" - 19.7" D x 46.4" - 50.4" H
  • SEAT DIMENSIONS: 19.7” W x 17.3” - 19.7” D
  • USEABLE SEAT DEPTH: 17.3” - 19.7” D
  • BACK DIMENSIONS : 17” w X 22” H
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 15.7” - 19.7”
  • BACK TILT LOCK: Weight sensitive to mimic the spine
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT: Height adjustable for customizable back support
  • WARRANTY: 3-year

In the gaming world, everyone is use to the racing car gaming seat, but it’s not for everyone and poorly designed ones can do more harm than good. If that isn’t your style then you might just appreciate the design of the Vert, especially with it’s eye-catching futuristic, almost spine-like back. While looking “grown up” and fitting in at a gaming station or an executive’s office, it manages an awesome sci-fi aesthetic that might be exactly what you need to complete your dream gaming setup.

UPLIFT Desk offer a large range of ergonomic chairs from traditional (though unique) office chairs to active seating stools that help boost your energy while relieving pressure on your joints and muscles. UPLIFT also have an extensive range of models from executive, kneeling, big and tall, or petite just to name a few. Materials used also vary so you if you are looking for a full mesh or no mesh at all, there are options for you.

For today’s review, the Vert Ergonomic Chair is the UPLIFT Desk choice that I think will benefit gamers most thanks to its design, functionality and price.

Assembling the chair is fairly straightforward and can be done solo. The chair arrived already attached to the arms so all I needed to do was attach the seat, base and headrest. I did run into a small issue as I had problems attaching the base to the seat but my partner used the adjustment levers to slide it into the correct fixed position for attachment.

I’ve only assembled two chairs before this one, so I am no pro, but straight away how light the chair is was welcome and noticeable. The box it came in is more long than wide, so I was able to push it upstairs without any issue. Fully assembled, the Vert is easy to push, pull and carry around should you need to move it.

The casters work well on tile and plush carpet which is always a bonus. Straight away, on my first sit down, I loved the mesh material. How it breathes is excellent, something many gamers need during the summer months especially!

At first the chair’s lumbar, height and back support levers are very stiff but they loosen up over time. I found I don’t really use the innovative spine technology that twists, or at least not intentionally, however, I could see this be very helpful for console gaming where intense battles have us moving around as we play.

The chairs tilt is binary- either locked in place or stages - which is different as I am used to being able lock my chairs wherever I want, which would have been a nice addition here. Leaning back is also when you realize that fully reclining is the only time you really use the neck rest as it’s too far back to support your head when sitting up straight. This is likely an ergonomic decision and depending on how you sit, may be no issue at all. I like to rest my head back, though, so this was a feature I missed.

Once you start paying attention to your posture and notice you’re slacking, it’s hard not to want to improve it, which is one of the reasons I have been looking to this chair to help me with. The design of the back really supports healthy body positioning while also supporting your back.  The arms being very short also helps with your posture and, although it took me a little while to get use to the fact they are made of plastic, it is a very comfortable soft plastic for that.

One thing I did notice is that after a few hours of sitting, I did need to get up and move. I have a fair bit of natural padding, so I found it surprising that my tail was a little sore after after several hours, though this could be the intention to encourage folks to stand up and move around.

Final Thoughts

I can genuinely feel a real difference in my posture even after a short time using this chair. It helps me stay focused on improving my health and the price competitive with leading gaming chair brands. I also really like the current two choices of color combinations this chair is available in - grey/black, white/grey - but feel if UPLIFT Desk were to add gamer focused color choices, I have no doubt this chair could live up to and even surpass every expectation gamers have for quality, especially if paired it with a standing desk like the 120 Degree we reviewed yesterday. It’s great to see a sub-$500 option from a major ergonomics company to really get our postures back on track and strong. I look forward to continuing using this chair for just that!


  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable, and great for improving posture
  • Light to move around or carry
  • Unique design for modern gaming setups
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Neck support only works when tilted back as far as you can
  • Could do with extra padding in the seat
  • Color choices look good but would benefit from more variety

The chair discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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