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UPLIFT 120 Degree Standing Desk & Single Monitor Arm Review

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Uplift Single Range Monitor Arms

UPLIFT desk makes the ergonomic consideration/transition so easy we’re making this a combo review, introducing UPLIFT Single Range Monitor Arms that help you to adjust your screens to a height that relieves any pressure from your neck and shoulders. Monitor arms are also a good way to make the most of space. UPLIFT Desk have so many options for every monitor, laptop, tablet and phone configuration, but when it comes down to it choosing between dual or single monitor arms is a personal choice (I personally like the freedom of placing my two screens) but for the shape of the 120 Degree desk it is also the most suitable taking full advantage of the angles, depth and width it offers while also considering the space you may need when your setup is complete.

The UPLIFT Single Range Monitor arms offer many advantages. Not only are they ergonomic for the reasons mentioned above, they also allow me to be able to to use my monitors in portrait or landscape orientations and reorganize everything on my desktop at any time.


  • MSRP: $99.00
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: 4.75” - 15.5” H
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 4.4 - 19.8 lb
  • MONITOR CAPABILITY: VESA 75mm & 100mm  

These arms easily hold my Dell 27” Gsync monitors that weigh 15.2lbs. It keeps them in perfect position with no give in the tension of the arm even after moving, tilting, and rotating them countless times already.

What is extra convenient about these UPLIFT Desk monitor arms is they arrive assembled, bound in a velcro strap with all built in cable management components attached. All you need to do is find the perfect place on your desk (4.7mm maximum thickness) to mount them!

What I love most about these arms, though, is the two USB connections and built-in wire management. This helps keep my setup cleans and gives me more connectivity options. I also love the fact that I can sit alongside my large windows with blinds open and tilt my screens should to avoid glare, then back again however many times I want to.

I have been playing Anthem, Steel Circus, and Satisfactory this week. No kinks in my neck, nothing but good gaming. Standing, sitting - day and night I am able to push my monitors back to make way for meals, beverages and literature then every night before I go to bed put my monitors back where I like them nice and neatly.

Final Thoughts On top of the million decisions we’ve been slaughtered with the past month, choosing these single ranged monitor arms were one of the easiest we’ve made. Building our own home, everything we decide on now we want to last for the rest of our computing days. These monitor arms are sturdy with zero droop. At $99.00 per arm I felt totally comfortable with the price ordering a second pair for my partners desk because they are heavy duty and reliable, require no set up, and offer us extra connectivity to our PCs.


  • Easy to assemble - just clamp to desk
  • Heavy duty, able to take a lot adjustments daily
  • Arms do not droop at all
  • Same colors as the UPLIFT desk legs and desktops available
  • Two USB connections


  • The hardest part of putting monitor arms on a 120 degree desk is knowing where to mount them; thankfully, there’s a preview when configuring the site, but it would be great to see more options on how people have done this.

This desk and monitor arm set were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review

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