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UPLIFT 120 Degree Standing Desk & Single Monitor Arm Review

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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UPLIFT Desk is well-known in the business world for their ergonomic designs but what about the home office and gaming room? UPLIFT Desk have generously provided us with an ergonomic package to explore exactly that. If you’re at your PC for hours each day, you won’t want to skip this one. This is our official review of the UPLIFT 120 Degree Desk and Single Monitor Arm package.

Choosing a Desk That’s Right For You

Austin, Texas based company Human Solutions has been around since 2002. In 2011, after years of unsuccessfully finding the perfect height adjustable table they decided to build their own and so launched UPLIFT Desk. On top of standalone desks, standing desk converters, ergonomic chairs, and desk accessories have also become a part of their ergonomic office catalog.

This experience and innovation in the industry allows UPLIFT Desk provides a hassle-free online shopping experience, easily allowing you to build exactly the desk you want. Each build includes costs per part, graphical calculators to help you dial in the exact measurements for your height and desk accessory options that display on a model of the desk you’re building so you can visually the end product you’re building for yourself.

After 5 years of using our six-seater dining table as a shared desk, we are so ready to invest in a quality home office and gaming space, which is why we were excited when we saw UPLIFT put out the call for media partners to give an honest opinion about their products. When we reached out, they allowed us to go through the entire shopping experience a customer would go through, asking only that we gave our honest opinions once it was through. After that point, our only discussions behind the scenes were about when the article itself would post, so these are my pure, unvarnished opinions.

After looking at all of the designs available and considering the many customization options, like the fact you can use your own desktop and just purchase just the leg frame and accessories, we decided the 120 Degree was the right desk for us. It’s design shone above the rest as it provides a unique aesthetic, an enormous desktop for gaming accessories, the option for dynamic designs if we wanted to add more desk space in the future. They, of course, have other options, including the traditional rectangle, as well as desks with contours and cut outs for standing room. We hadn’t thought about anything past the usual L shaped or side by side configurations until we saw this configuration using 12, 120 Degree desks:

Specifications (for 120 Degree without accessories)

  • MSRP: $799
    • 41.3” wide x 23” deep x 1” thick
    • Full length - 71”
    • Full depth - 39.5”
  • WEIGHT OF DESK TOP:  49 lbs
  • HEIGHT RANGE: 24.4" - 50.0" H 
  • BASE WIDTH: Adjustable from 42.25" - 70"W
  • ADJUSTABLE FOOT LEVELING STUDS: 3/8 adjustment for uneven floor
  • KEYPAD:  Push and hold up and down standard keypad
  • VOLTAGE: Input: 110 V, Output: 31 V
  • TRANSFORMER POWER: 200 W (0.2 on standby)
  • WARRANTY: 7-year warranty on base motor frame, controller, keypad, electronics and other included mechanisms (desk surface not included)

Optional Accessories Configured in this Review

  • MSRP: $1535
  • KEYPAD: Advanced Digital Memory
  • GROMMETS: Two Power Grommets
  • WIRE MANAGEMENT: Ultimate Wire Management Kit Clamp On CASTERS: 4 Casters
  • DESK DRAWER: Half Circle
  • CHAIR: Vert Ergonomic Office Chair
  • MONITOR ARMS: Two Single Monitor Arms

Note: I did not include keyboard tray, cpu holder, surge protector, lighting, footrest, file cabinet or extended warranty.

When calculating this desk via the UPLIFT desk store, you also get to choose two free promotional options. The first choice is between a standing desk mat adding extra cushioning under your feet or a bamboo motion x-board so you move your legs balancing on it while at your computer. This works to support good blood circulation and regular muscle movement. The second choice is simplistically designed desk organizer set in bamboo or plastic in a variety of colors.

The Desktop The 120 Degree desktop is available in GREENGUARD certified laminate, natural rubberwood or bamboo material. Black was the automatic choice for us to not only match our computers but because it makes the background of my keyboard and screens more pleasant to look at no matter the amount of light in the room.

Originally receiving this ergonomic package in our old apartment, the desktop would not fit in the rooms I had available, along with the furniture already in them, so plan wisely when making your desktop decisions. Something to also consider is the weight and width of the desk should you need to move it. As a result, we had to wait until we were moved into our new house to complete the review.

This desk is massive, as shown here by my 18 pound Shihpoo Oliver.

Turns out, laminate is incredibly easy to maintain passing my spill test with flying colors using hot and cold beverages; however, black laminate also reflects dust/marks easily so be prepared to clean often if you don’t already. Another thing that made UPLIFT desk the best choice of desk for us was the 355 lb weight capacity, so we are able to have our computer cases securely on board knowing the desk will still raise easily, even as we move it multiple times a day. The power of the engine in this desks legs alone is worth investing in!

Our 120 Degree standing desk was configured with two cable management holes, which is perfect for keeping things tidy with the grommet combinations available. To give us more cable management choices we also decided on the single ranged monitor arms as they come with two USB connections.

Setup and Assembly

Building the desk is easiest with two people. Flipping the desktop to align and attach the base is possible with one person but is much easier and more efficient with another set of hands. All the nuts, bolts and tools needed for this build are systematically placed in numbered bag slots. Pamphlet instructions (which can also be found online) aren’t as easy to follow for the base and leg attachment; though, it only takes a few extra minutes to figure out. Once the base and legs are attached correctly, the rest of the build can easily be done solo.

Final Thoughts The UPLIFT 120 Degree desk is one of the easiest decisions we have made in our home building and moving process. How smooth it was to order, assemble and then use made us so confident in the company and product that we decided to buy two more UPLIFT 120 Degree desks so we can have a tri-configuration in our dream office and gaming room.

For work and for play UPLIFT Desk is definitely also for gamers. Truly, it’s for anybody who cares to invest in a solid, tested design, as well as their own health and freedom to move, all while engaging in a minimal-fuss buying process for a system that can support even massive battlestations.

The only regret I have is that we unfortunately won’t have our desks set up completely for this review to show you how good this configuration will be as the third desk arrived two days ago and  the second desk has a computer build still in progress on it with major parts that only arrived today. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to standing up straight while gaming. Happy desk hunting, gamers!


  • Options to suit every budget and space size
  • Confident online shopping experience
  • 2 free promotional items
  • Top of the line base and leg construction
  • Excellent size for large spaces and to fit full gaming set ups
  • Weight capacity capabilities for secure height adjustment
  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Cable management components available for all your routing needs


  • Difficult to assemble by yourself (but not bad with an extra person!)
  • May be too large for some

Click through to page two for our thoughts on the optional full-motion monitor arm!

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