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the E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk Review

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A true quest if ever there was one: the hunt for the perfect desk. With endless options available, it comes down to how much you want to spend. When searching for “the one”, you need to take into account the visual aspects as well as functionality. In this review, we are going to see how the E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk stacks up. It features many of the “must-have” features you would expect from a gaming desk and adds a touch of flair with RGB lighting. Is it worth $399, read our review and find out!


  • Current price: $399 (E-Win Store)
  • Width: 48in / 120cm
  • Height: 30in/75cm
  • Depth: 26.8in/68cm
  • Weight: EST 60lbs
  • Lighting: dynamic RGB lighting
  • Connections: 1x USB for power
  • Surface: High-strength Carbon Fiber

Fully Setup

How much do you like your current setup? I, for one, recently asked myself that question and realized that my current desk just didn’t stack up to everything I had put on it. I started my search for a replacement. One question kept ringing in my head, “What do I need in a desk?”. The first thing that came to mind was the size and overall shape. The next thing: did I want drawers or go with a modern minimalist design? A fair bit of searching and staring at my area I concluded that I wanted something clean and simple design with a touch of style. That’s when I came across the E-WIN 2.0 Edition Gaming Desk. It checked all of the boxes on design and features, plus had cool RGB lighting to add a little flair to my battle station.

Control Pad

The E-WIN 2.0 is strong, stable, and durable. It felt rigid and had no detectable wobble. This is due to the strong aluminum legs and added support in the frame structure. The cherry on top was the carbon fiber desktop, which is not only is this visually appealing but provides a strong, smooth surface that is perfect for gaming. I liked the microscopic, high-intensity light-reflecting points built into the texture of the surface. While I didn’t test if it was technically better than using a gaming mouse pad, I didn’t feel hindered at all mousing right across this surface and felt that the glide was smooth and unencumbered.

Desk, unlit

What makes this E-WIN RGB gaming desk special from others you might ask? Well, the included built-in lighting and integrated controller, for one. The edge of the desktop and the legs have RGB strip lighting that is controlled by a top-mounted pad. The controls are touch-sensitive, not mechanical, so won’t click during your live stream. You can cycle some preset effects, adjust the brightness, and turn the lights off when you’d rather keep things simple. The LEDs are powered by a single USB cable you can plug into a pc or power strip using an adapter. There are many effects that range from RGB cycling to static colors. The LEDs are vibrant; however, I would have liked to see them defused a bit better to avoid hot-spotting.

The desk also includes a small optional accessory rack to hold a pair of game controllers and 3 to 4 game cases. This rack is a nice inclusion, but it takes up desk space, so I didn’t use it much.

RGB strip

The desk itself is fairly standard. At 48-inches long and 30-inches deep, it’s enough for dual monitors and a PC, as well as peripherals. There’s also a cut out in the center to allow you to “tuck in” and get closer to the game. It was also easy to assemble with a single tool. That said, the assembly guide leaves a bit to be desired. The visual guide was a bit confusing, resulting in my having to interpret the exact orientation of some of the parts.

During assembly, I did note a few visual alignment issues that I would consider minor. For example, where the desk meets the legs on one side is flush while the other has a slight overhang. Functionally, this makes no difference but is something that should have been caught in QC.

Once it’s assembled, it looks great and is very functional. E-WIN seems to have taken a fair bit of thought into the design and color scheme of the 2.0 Edition RGB Desk. The Carbon fiber mixed with aluminum legs and black accents provides a great contrast. This desk seems to melt into the area and become part of the room.

It offers 2 top holes with grommets to use as wire pass-throughs. This helped greatly when setting up my devices such as a mouse, keyboard, keypad, and headset. While keeping the top looking clean, little could be said for what is underneath. This desk does not offer much in the way of cable management on the underside of the desk. I would have liked to have seen some tracks or channels so that cables could be routed to keep the overall looks clean and tidy.

Final Thoughts

How you feel about your gaming space is so important that many gamers will spend extra to achieve the look and feel they want. This is why a desk is more than just something to place things on, it’s a personal space, ready to be customized for not only their needs but their personality. E-WIN seems to have this at heart with the 2.0 Edition RGB gaming desk. It offers a stable platform for users to use how they see fit while being visually appealing with some added flair. There is room for improvement, but this remains a solid offering. If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, E-Win offers several other gaming desks that might be more up your alley.

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This product was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.

  • Solid construction
  • Vibrant RGB lighting
  • Carbon fiber top
  • Wire grommets
  • Fast assembly
  • Minimal assembly instructions
  • Lack of cable management
  • Alignment imperfections
  • Lights could be better diffused


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