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Secret Lab Throne 2018 Gaming Chair - Subtle Superiority

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Often, the best way to truly appreciate something is to return to its beginning. The Throne is the original chair that Secret Lab launched in 2015. The company has been staying astride of the needs and wants of gamers ever since with an exceptional, evolutionary line of gaming chairs. Today, we are fortunate to be able to explore this evolution with the Throne 2018 edition.


  • MSRP: $390 ($299 launch pricing)
  • Chair Type: Office/Gaming Chair
  • Foam Type: High density, Cold Cure Cut
  • Frame Construction: Steel
  • Upholstery: Secret Lab PRIME PU Leather
  • Adjustable Armrests: 4-directional, soft PU coated
  • Mechanism: Full Tilt
  • Hydraulics Gas Piston: Class 4, Heavy Duty
  • Recline: 85-155 degrees
  • Support Cushions: Velour (head), Memory Foam (lumbar)
  • Base: Reinforced Aluminum
  • Recommended Height: 4'9" - 5’3”
  • Maximum Load: < 220 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-year

Secret Lab first caught my attention in 2016 with their striking appearance, one that stood out  among gaming chairs. Their appeal of their curves and use of color were perfect for a minimalist like me who naturally gravitates towards products that exude quality from the first look.

With the Throne 2018, we are presented with the sportiest of the Secret Lab collection in my opinion. The Throne is the latest in that collection to receive a visual and material upgrade since its launch. Gone are the aggressive stripes from the last model and in are a bevy of additions to make the familiar new again. But in a crowded market, does the brand new Throne earn $299 launc price? Let's take a look. 

Secret Lab makes a good impression from the start. They offer a welcoming experience for someone like me who had never built a gaming chair. Instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. Inside the box, they included a large, glossy set of instructions to guide you through the process. It’s exactly what I needed, though we did have a direct line, the communication from the Secret Lab team considering assembly and delivery was very reassuring. Arriving at the fully built chair was easy on my own (the only part I needed a hand with was pulling off the plastic underneath the seat!).

The chair is lusciously padded with long lasting cold cure foam - the same material you would find in theater seating or automotive seating. It’s made to hold up over long years of use without losing its form yet has enough give to be comfortable from the get-go.  Let's be clear, this body (read: my body) has feminine pear shaped curves so at first the bucket style seat felt a little snug but not uncomfortably so. This is due to the more pronounced wings on either side of the backrest that “hug” you into place.  The Throne is the smallest of Secret Lab’s offerings, so if you don’t like being settled into place or are on the larger side, it’s worth considering one of their bigger models.

Converting from a standard office chair with thin padding and basic swivel features, what has stood out to me most is how long I stay comfortable. I typically sit in a chair for ten hours a day, working, writing and gaming often from dawn to dusk. This is exactly what classifies “gaming” chairs into their own category in my mind - how much support do they offer over extended periods of time?  I am impressed how every little detail makes to long term comfort, even the arm rests.

The Throne 2018 now comes with wider, slightly more concave arm rests. They’re slightly softer than others we’ve used and so much better than standard plastic. They’re super comfortable and very adjustable. These 4D arm rests can adjust for height, width, depth, or even angle. This is more important than you might think.

Since the Throne can recline almost to a laying position, it’s easy to kick back and put your feel up. Or, if you’re not that relaxed, maybe you just want to pick up a controller. Both of these options change the position of your elbows and having such adjustability in the arm rests accommodates any mood I’m in. It also lets you rest while camping notorious rares or waiting in the lobby in-between ranked matches. Man, is it comfortable, so be warned you might miss what you need and fall asleep!

The chair also comes with two pillows, one for the neck and one for a lumbar support. Both are soft and velour covered. These velour pillows that are so comfortable and contour perfectly with my neck and back to add extra support - and who doesn't like velvet? Secret Lab is all about creature comforts.

I admit, I took my black and white chair for a number of spins around the house. Down the hallway, into my kitchen & out on our balcony we went! The aluminum base, durable PU rubber wheels and class 4 hydraulics let me maneuver, adjust and move without any dreaded clunks or stops.

Secret Lab tick all the right boxes in ergonomics and design. The PU prime leather, stitching and color placement is so exquisite. One of the marks of quality in a computer chair is its upholstery. Here, Secret Lab shows an attention to details with pristine stitching through and through. And since it’s PU leather, it looks great and is easy to clean when the inevitable spill happens.

Final Thoughts Anyone whose computer hub is in the middle of their home like ours will definitely appreciate that Secret Lab Throne 2018 is such a high-quality chair. Today’s launch price is also not too far off the original confirming that Secret Lab is serious about treating their customers well. They’ve taken the most modern trends into consideration as well as our comfort while still keeping it affordable. Compared to other chairs in the same price bracket, the Secret Lab Throne 2018 makes for one great value.


  • Easy to follow assemble instructions
  • Well packaged and easy to stay organized when building
  • Perfect design for those who appreciate a mix of high quality and sport.
  • Looks great if you have your computer set up in the middle of your home
  • Superbly comfortable for long periods of time
  • Full-length reclining to relax even more  


  • Awesome pear-shaped figures may need to consider a wider chair

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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