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Rosewill Cullinan V500 RGB Case Review

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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Rosewill has spent years selling affordable upgrades and peripherals for your PC setup, so it’s about time we took a look at one of their computer cases, don’t you agree? And what better way than with a chassis as eye-catching as this? But,a good case requires more than a cool look. Join us as we review the Rosewill Cullinan V500 RGB ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case.


  • MSRP: $139.99 USD
  • Tower Class: ATX Mid Tower
  • Color: Black
  • Case Material: Steel / Plastic / Tempered Glass
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Side Panel Window
  • LED – RGB
  • Front Panel I/O: 4 x USB 3.0, Audio In/Out, Fan Speed Control (Fan Speeds: High, Low, Stop)
  • Fan Specs: 120 mm Fans:
    • 3 x Front RGB LED (Pre-Installed)
    • 3 x Top (Optional)
    • 1 x Rear RGB LED (Pre-Installed)
  • 140 mm Fans:
    • 3 x Front (Optional
    • 2 x Top (Optional)
    • 1 x Rear (Optional)
  • Radiator Options: Front – Up to 360 mm / Top Up to 360 mm – with Liquid Cooling Radiators
  • GPU Length Allowance: 400 mm
  • CPU Height Allowance: 170 mm
  • Case Dimensions: 19.30 IN (H) x 8.78 IN (W) x 18.78 IN (W)
  • Case Weight: 23.15 lbs
  • Tempered Glass Front and Side Panels (2)
  • Top and Front Dust Filter
  • Included RGB LED Fan Remote Controller (No Software Required)
  • Additional: Pre-routed cables for cable management, Two 3.5 IN Drive Bay, Four 2.5 IN Drive Bays

When you are building a PC there is one very important item that you will need to grab, the PC case. As builders look for their ideal case to use with their build they may decide on well-known cases like Cooler Master, NZXT, and even Cougar to name but a few. Well, I will tell you today that you don’t always need a brand name to get a quality case for your build. Enter Rosewill and their Cullinan V500 RGB Case. This is a mid-size tower that gives you plenty of room for your internal components and expansions for those components. Join me as we enter into the world of Rosewill RGB Cases.

The Cullinan V500 is an RGB case that has it where it counts. For starters, it is a very spacious case. I switched all of my components from a DiY case, which was full-size, into the Cullinan and had more room for my components and anything else I may need to add. With proper cable management, the case will look neat and clean with at least six inches of clearance from the tip of your GPU to the RGB fans in the front panel. The right-hand side of the case, where the cables normally go, has enough space for even the thickest of power cables. There are hooks for you to zip tie your cables once they have been plugged in and no longer need to free float in the case. The metal shield that separates the front of the case and the back has several access holes from which to move your cables to the motherboard, and to any other components. The next piece of the case that is crucial to it looking nice is not what you may think. The power supply shroud. This container piece spreads along the bottom of the entire case leaving roughly an inch of clearance for airflow from your case fans.

Staying with the power supply shroud for just a minute, you will find that there are two SSD mounts on the top. This is a great place for you to install extra storage in your PC, or if you prefer a better-looking interior, then this is a great place for RGB SSDs to be installed. With a simple twist of a screw, you have easily plugged in your drives. There are also two more SSD mounts on the reverse side of the main shield behind the motherboard. This would be the best place for drives that have no RGB as no one would see them anyways. On this same side, there are also two 3.5 inch drive bays as well in case you still use those storage devices.

Cooling is a key element to any system that you want to build, and Rosewill takes that to heart. With the V500 they took the front cover and made it out of a tempered glass so that it is completely sealed. What they did to bring air in is to add side vents up and down the front sides of the case. The vents are about an inch wide and the air is sucked in through the three Rosewill Dual Ring RGB LED 120mm pre-installed fans. Ventilation has been very good from the intake to the outtake. Aside from the three fans in the front and the one rear 120mm fan, the case is also supported by a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240. Along with pulling heated air through the connected fans, it also cools the CPU with no issues with overheating even in the most grueling of games. If you would rather have bigger fans in your case the pre-installed ones can be replaced with 140 mm fans as well. One of the main things you may worry about with the case is dust. Well the Cullinan VG500 has two dust filters that magnetically lock to the case and provide you with two easy ways to keep the dust out at least that is the hope. The top filter locks in perfectly but after trying a couple of different ways to insert the inner filter I just couldn’t make it fit properly. Right now it is set as well as it can be with small gaps between it and the fans.

One of the most important pieces to the case is the input/output ports. One thing I hadn’t seen before myself was the use of two different sets of USB 3.0 ports with no 2.0 ports. This is important, make sure your motherboard supports USB 3.0 or you will not be able to use these ports successfully. The ports are Located at the top of the case in the front just above the tempered glass panel, the I/O ports are spread evenly for use of all the space available. Along with the USB 3.0 ports, there are also jacks for 3.5 mm speaker and microphone attachments. It is this section of the case that holds a crucial piece of tech for the fans, the fan speed switch. Whether you want the fans off, or on low, or on high, this is where you will be able to control them. I say crucial because the more air that comes into the case, the cooler it will be, however, if you have it on high all the time sucking in more air then you will also suck in more dust. This means more cleaning at a set interval so that you can make sure your case stays pristine, and your components won’t get choked by all the dust.

The power of RGB is strong with this case. The Dual Ring RGB LED fan lighting makes your case look amazing and feel like it’s alive. You will be happy to know that you will not need any additional software for the lighting in this case. The RGB fan lights are controlled by a simple remote control that allows you to turn them on or off, the ability to change between rainbow effects, gradient, blade, and breathing effects. You also can make the lights a single color too if you are into a specific color build. You will see that all the colors of the rainbow are available even plain white. This simple tool helps with so much for your case.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Rosewill Cullinan V500 RGB Case is a sturdy and affordable case for budget gamers. Coming in at an affordable $139.99 USD this case is good for any low end or high-end build and can save you some money from the higher priced cases like Cooler Master or Cougar, to name a few. With great air circulation, I have not seen a single overheating issue, and I have checked the dust filters as well to see how dirty it is getting inside after the past week of use with little dust having been accumulated inside. I would highly recommend this case for anyone looking to jazz up their setup with RGB lighting and the ability to expand beyond what they already have.


  • RGB lighting – with remote control
  • Great air circulation
  • Good interior space for expansion
  • Affordable


  • Interior dust filter doesn’t stick properly
  • Several USB 3.0 ports didn’t function when plugged in

The case was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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