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Roccat Nyth MMO Mouse Review

William Murphy Posted:
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Everyone, at least in MMO gaming circles, knows about the Razer Naga and Logitech G600 these days. Two of the best options for MMO fans, with their multitude of buttons and configurations, it would be doubly hard for a new competitor to enter the MMO Mouse ring and do something to stand out. Well, that’s just what Roccat has done with the new Nyth.

The Nyth is probably becoming my favorite mouse. But it wasn’t always like that. Like the Naga and G600, the Nyth has 12 side buttons by your thumb, left and right mouse clicks, a rocker that clicks left and right (for scrolling, etc) and a clickable scroller as well. On top of that, there’s the macro-friendly Easy Shift button that works across all of Roccat’s peripherals.  What initially caused me some issues is that Roccat’s 1-12 thumb keys are done in a weird way, when compared to the now standard Naga and G600. See the image below.

Because I’ve been spending so much time with the Naga and G600 over the years, this was a little more than jarring and puzzling as to why Roccat felt it necessary to shake up. Luckily, the Roccat driver software makes it very simple to reconfigure what button is assigned to what key across the board. So with a few extra minute setup, the Nyth was able to work just like my Naga. And that’s when it’s overall design started to make Roccat’s new mouse pull ahead of its competitors.

You see, not only are those buttons completely reconfigurable in the driver software, they’re also removable and the Nyth comes with several different sets of buttons to swap out, as well as spacers if you don’t need all 12, or just want to convert the space into a comfortable rest for your thumb. The downside of all this is that the keys are easy to put in, but not super easy to get out. It took me some real smacking on the side of my hand to get them out each time I wanted to toy with a new configuration. Still, I’d be willing to wager that most gamers here will want all 12 keys for their MMO habits. But in case you like options, the Nyth comes with a great set to use for shooters, and especially MOBAs where only 6 extra keys might be needed.

The Nyth also comes with a swappable right bumper, so if you want a place to rest your pinky you can have it, or you can opt for the thinner model. And all those keys? They’re 100% 3D printable. Soon Roccat will open an online store to let you customize your buttons’ colors, shapes, textures, and more. And if you’re one of those hobbyists with your own printer at home? Roccat will provide the templates to do it yourself.

The mouse is on the lighter side, and for the asking price of around $130 I’m a bit sad it’s not wireless or convertible (as the Naga Epic is). But in terms of overall function, configuration power, and sheer comfort, the Nyth is probably leading the pack. The DPI goes between 200 and 12000, and the glowing chroma colors can be programmed just as much as the buttons themselves. Plus you can configure the keys to each specific game you play, with several pre-made configurations available as well. In short, the Nyth is the mouse for any gamer who likes to tinker and alter their gameplay as often as their controllers. It’s available in Germany and Austrailia now, with US Markets and retail stores like Best Buy due before the end of the year.


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