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ROCCAT Kone[+] Mouse Review

Mobin Koohestani Posted:
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Although it may not be the first mouse that comes to mind, the ROCCAT Kone[+] is a force to be reckoned with. After getting to play with this mouse longer than my last relationship lasted, I have yet again come to the conclusion that you should never underestimate German engineering (or at least ROCCAT engineering for that matter). I With aesthetic appeals and unique features that only the ROCCAT has to offer to gamers, it’s pretty clear that there’s quite a bit put out on the table.

The Features

To start things off, the Kone[+] features a sharp, 6000dpi laser sensor that has been able to keep up with my occasional intense fragging. One of the things I have noticed about the Kone[+] is the fact that is so precise. There has not been a time where I felt like the mouse has not been able to accommodate any scenario that I was put it in while gaming. Perhaps the biggest, unique feature about this mouse is what’s known as EASY-SHIFT[+]; it allows you to take every single button and aspect of the mouse to a whole new level. Instead of having fifty different buttons on your mouse, you can customize and transform every button and aspect of your mouse, providing you 22 readily accessible mouse functions on the fly. The only downside is that this also becomes a matter of preference, given that some players do prefer having more physical buttons as opposed to being able to provide multiple functions for one button and so on.

Moreover, you get five different profiles, just like you would on the ROCCAT ISKU. In other words, all of your lighting settings, DPI settings, and more will be fully customized for each different profile that you have. The Macro Manager, included in the driver, will allow you to change all of your settings for the buttons on the actual mouse as well. Speaking of the drivers, that’s where you’re going to be welcomed to the clean ROCCAT interface that will allow you to change all of the settings for things such as lighting and sensor sensitivity. The Tracking & Distance Control Unit (TDCU) literally analyzes the type of surface that the mouse is being controlled on and accommodates the sensor to that specific surface. In other words, regardless of where you put this mouse, the mouse will adjust itself to have the best performance possible. Overall, ROCCAT really has been taking a leap forward with this mouse with respect to all of the different features that you will only find with the Kone[+].

The Design

The only thing better than a mouse that performs well: a mouse that can also deliver on its aesthetic craft and design. Fortunately, the Kone[+] does this! The first thing you’ll notice when you get your hands on this mouse is the soft touch. Coupled with the ergonomic design, you will never feel worn out or get tired when playing over an extended period of time. My palms never became sweaty, even after crunching through one of those long weekend, eight-hour sessions. The mouse has a really neat lighting system that has different, customizable effects, such as a neat pulsating effect, for you to choose from. I had a pretty fun time going through the settings and getting it to match just the way I wanted. Now, although the Kone[+] does feature a weight system, I just wish I had a bit more variety when it came down to it. You get to put up to 20g of weight, across four separate weights, coming out at 5g per weight. However, I really just wish I could be that guy in the room that has 12.5g. The only other minor complaint is about the logo on the mouse. As much as that cougar, lion, tiger animal thing is good looking; I just wish it wasn’t so plastered on the mouse. Regardless, your palm will cover it up anyway if you’re not the biggest fan. The mouse, as noted, features eight different buttons and a really sturdy scroll wheel that does the job well. To top things off, the mouse is incredibly smooth with a good lining of rubbery mouse feet; it makes mousepads seem overrated and unnecessary.


The Kone[+] surpassed my expectations, and I am really glad it did. I have come to thoroughly enjoy this mouse, because I actually felt like I was holding something I would like to put on my desk. With a price that is currently set at around $79.99, you are definitely left with a tough decision. What I can tell you is that the ROCCAT Kone[+] is a great mouse that will surely do the job, if not more. If you’re still on the verge of trying to make a decision, the least you should is check it out for yourself. Given that is compatible for ROCCAT TALK with the ISKU, you may even end up wanting to go for the duo. 


Mobin Koohestani