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Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Gaming Speaker System Review

David Holmes Posted:
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Razer is known for two things: putting together quality products, especially in regards to gaming peripherals, and having RGB on pretty much everything. Their latest product to enter the fray is the Nommo Pro 2.1 Gaming Speaker System, boasting quality sound, premium craftsmanship and, of course, RGB Chroma illumination. It’s time to dig a little deeper and discover just what Razer has brought forth into the world of high-end audio.


  • MSRP $499.99
  • THX Certified full range 2.1 gaming speakers
  • Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology
  • 2 x 0.8 Inch Silk Dome Tweeters (1 x per speaker)
  • 2 x 3 Inch Full Range Drivers (1 x per speaker)
  • 1 x Downward Firing Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 35 – 20,000hz
  • USB Connection
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Connection
  • Optical Connection
  • 3.5 MM Connection
  • Control Pod Featuring Power, Volume, Mute, Pairing and Source Control Functions
  • Razer Chroma Enabled

Let’s talk about all those details above and why they matter.

THX certified & Dolby virtual surround sound technology

With THX certification & Dolby surround sound, it means that you get tech that delivers superb sound for movies and music. Letting you sit back and listen to all your favorite things and be enveloped by quality sound that’s passed a high certification standard. You can dig deep into your favorite game, silently stalking the wilds searching for your next victim in the latest Battle Royale game, able to hear the quietest of footsteps so that no one gets the drop on you.

Silk Dome Tweeters

Metal dome tweeters are generally constructed of alloys of either beryllium, aluminum or titanium. (All of which are chosen for their high stiffness to mass ratio.) They tend to have larger amplitude high frequency break-up modes than soft domes. Silk, treated cloth, polyamid, Kortec, Sonatex, are inherently better damped than single layered metal diaphragms. (The best metal dome designs get damping from their surrounds and absorption from acoustical treatments placed under the domes). Cloth and soft materials do not ring the way metal does, and the frequency response of a cloth tweeter is generally smoother. Soft domes with a lower and less resonant response roll-off at lower frequencies at the top of their useable bandwidth.

Full Range Driver

A full-range loudspeaker drive unit is defined as a driver which reproduces as much of the audible frequency range as possible, within the limitations imposed by the physical constraints of a specific design. The frequency range of these drives is maximized through the use of a whizzer cone and other means.

Downward Firing Subwoofer

The advantage of a down-firing sub is that you are using the force of gravity to your advantage. By having the driver oriented downward, gravity is acting evenly on the driver surface. With a forward or side-firing sub, you have to be sure that the driver is very stiff and very well braced so that the force of gravity does not cause any distorted movement or alter the position of the driver relative to the cabinet over a long period of time (ie. the driver "squishing" the lower portion of the rubber surround and "stretching" the upper portion as gravity draws the driver downward.

Frequency Response: 35 – 20,000hz

Frequency response describes the range of audible frequencies the speaker can reproduce between 20 Hz (deep bass) and 20 kHz (a piercingly high frequency), which is considered the range of human hearing. In reality, our hearing does not typically extend up to 20 kHz (especially as we get older), and bass frequencies below 30 Hz tend to be felt more than heard. Thus, supplying us with a full spectrum of frequency to hear all the details.

So that’s the tech, now let’s talk about my experience with the Razer Nommo Pro. Over the years I’ve gone from having speakers while I play games to being strictly headset only.  It was interesting to go back to using speakers for not only gaming, but for movie watching and listening to music as well. I decided to really test them out by playing some DOOM.

The game’s soundtrack is not only one I enjoy immensely, but it also can go all over the place in range during gameplay.  I was not disappointed with what the result. The thumping bass as I went along shotgunning one Imp and then the crunch of bone as I did a melee kill on a possessed to regain some health were visceral in not only sound but in vibration of the bass. The strong riffs of guitar played out clear and powerfully as I jumped from fight to the next.

I decided to test out gaming clarity by playing some PUBG. I could not only hear gunshots clearly but directional audio cues also worked great with the speakers. This is something 2.1 systems can struggle with, so I was impressed at how well they performed.

Going further I decided to listen to the music from Bards Tale IV. The vocals came in crystal clear with the oftentimes haunting melodies. Saying the Nommo Pro worked great as gaming speakers would be an understatement.

I also tried out a few Blu-Ray movies and various types of music to gauge just how well these speakers were in areas other than gaming. The quality continued to be excellent, no matter what type of content I was enjoying. The low thum of the bass definitely made me feel like I was more so at the movies than simply being at home.

I’ve talked about the quality of the sound, but it should also be pointed out just how easy it is to control everything. The control pod gives easy access to volume, power, mute, pairing and source control options with a headphone jack. Along with that there is an app you can get that does all this plus give you access to equalizers and the chromo control.  Ease of use is an understatement.

Heading into the Synapse software, you can also control the RGB illuminate around the base of each speaker. As we’ve grown used to from Razer, there are a number of presets available to choose from or you can create your own unique layout. If you own other Razer peripherals, syncing them with a preset is as easy as the push of a button.

Final Thoughts

All that said, the price tag is one that marks this entry into the world of speakers as one more aimed at audiophiles. But it is a price worth paying if sound is important to you, not only for gaming but for music and movies as well. The Razer Nommo Pro goes above and beyond in the world of gaming audio and is an excellent contender in the wider world of PC speakers..


  • Quality Construction
  • Ease of use with physical controls or app control
  • Quality highs and lows for music and movies
  • Clear, precise directional audio for gaming
  • Bass you can feel in your bones
  • RGB


  • Price
  • Heavy
  • The Razer symbol on the sub-woofer didn’t light up


David Holmes